A Leo Full Moon of Unexpected Beauty

A Leo Full Moon of Unexpected Beauty

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The Full Moon in Leo arrives in its culmination on February 5th, at about 10:30 am PT, later in the day for points east, and is a significant lunation, potentially bringing wild tides of unexpected events and startling insight. This is because the Moon, occupying 16º Leo, opposite the same degree of the Aquarius Sun, makes along with the Sun a very nearly exact square to the Trickster Uranus, at 15º Taurus. Such T-squares in fixed signs, especially involving Uranus, signal shake-ups to the existing status quo; a flash of vital energy that can be disruptive, yet also highly effective in breaking up areas of life that have fallen into stagnancy. This Full Moon could illuminate your capacity to shine unabashedly in your authentic self, calling forth your inner radiance and creative contribution that only you can bring forth. If there are areas where you hold back, this is a Full Moon that may inspire and revivify you to further embrace the fullness of your own essential nature and expression. It may also confront you with the aspects and areas of your life that are in need of your loving kindness and gentle tending to come into coherence with the Truth that you long to embody.
This T-square between the Sun, Moon, and Uranus is quite potent in and of itself, and even more so in that it reflects the same archetypal themes and events that came to pass in the extremely potent Lunar Eclipse from November 8th of last year. It may be helpful to take a look back at that timeframe in order to examine what was happening in your life around then! You might see the echoes of that moment in this current Full Moon timing.
The process of Uranus’ journey through Taurus from 2019-2026 is a little more than half way through, so we are no longer in the formative phase of this process, but now fully immersed and therefore able to examine the way in which this transit is materializing both individually and collectively. We may very well have a sense of what this Great Awakener and Trickster archetype is speaking to us – through the lens of earthy, solid, material Taurus – and doubly so since the lunar North Node is also passing through this sign. When we add in the exaggerated Uranus presence which was front and center with our most recent eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio, we may want to ask ourselves: What in our sense of embodiment, our relationship to the material, our sense of security and stability is now being revolutionized? Where are we following the signals of our inner guidance to anchor more fully into our embodied knowing? And how is our capacity to have, receive, and give physical abundance and pleasure evolving in this connection? These are all excellent points of inquiry for this time, especially if you have strong Taurus placements, and/or fixed sign placements in your birth chart. It is even possible that you can review and alter those places where you are stuck and stubborn to find true change beginning to emerge in these areas.
Another prominent feature of this Full Moon is a very close square between Venus, exalted now in Pisces, together with Mars just now beginning to recover his lost ground from his recent retrograde in Gemini. This is a rather poetic square, highlighting a dreamy romantic quality in relating with others. Yet there also could be some hard edges or sharp words that could emerge. These might accompany a harsh reality or conflict coming to the fore, popping bubbles of avoidance or escapist whims. Squares between these two planets can sometimes raise hackles, and we might be able to come around to yet another perspective if we can choose to lean into vulnerability, looking to find beauty even in less obvious moments. We can thus soften into forgiveness for our very messy and imperfect – and yet beautifully human – experience. There is an inherently creative streak that can emerge for you from this astrological signature, should you be inclined to channel your energy in that more positive direction.
Besides squaring Mars, Venus is also making a partile or same-degree aspect to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, a semi-sextile, conditioning awareness of inner wounding that can erupt in our relationships. These yet have also the potential for making significant progress toward healing these types of issues, applying kindness and loving attention to our all too human, yet lovely, flaws of character.
May the blessings of this Full Moon in Leo find you embarking on stunning pathways to more fully embody the radiance of your very being; to allow the compassion and wisdom of the stars and of your own Higher Self to embrace and include all aspects of who you are, somehow finding, when you try, beauty and creative inspiration in even the most unlikely of places.

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