A Full Moon of Innovation and Setting Out in Different Directions

A Full Moon of Innovation and Setting Out in Different Directions

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Monday morning’s Full Moon, taking place about 4:30 am PT, later morning for the east coast and Europe, represents the flowering of an intensely transformational lunation cycle that began two weeks back in the timing of the Cancer Solstice. This current Full Moon in Capricorn is trine Jupiter, with Venus closely square Uranus, and therefore brings forth a few surprises, along with the unexpected revelations that are the hallmark of the Cosmic Trickster. One is reminded of Einstein’s famous pronouncement that you cannot get yourself out of predicament with the same logic that got you into it; in this way a process of innovative thinking might be just the ticket to ease us through those places where we are stuck, supplying radically different attitudes and novel ideas for where we might want to start ourselves heading. To add to the mix of deep psychological attitudes swirling around us now, the same position of Venus that squares Trickster Uranus also is precisely square the Chiron/ Eris midpoint in Aries, where these two planets are currently widely conjunct. The presence of these shamanic planets in this Full Moon configuration indicates that when we proceed to apply innovative approaches to our situation, we will want to include a completely different take on our existing habit patterns, or certainly at least those stemming from ancient wounding that has calcified in place, patterns that could be more than a trifle dysfunctional unless and until we stop giving away our power to them.

When we consider the sign that this Full Moon celebrates, namely Capricorn, this can represent many things. Capricorn stands for hard work, rising to the occasion, achievement, and status — and yet there is a higher octave regarding Capricorn as well, of acting in a manner that is consistent with your highest aspirations for the society that surrounds you, and for yourself.

And this brings Eris into the picture, and Chiron too. The Feminine Warrior energy of Eris is all about putting your best foot forward, as that concept arrives to you from consideration of your deepest soul intention. What is it then, that you really want for yourself going forward? For that desire to be your authentic wish for yourself, it must include the notion that the behavior you espouse, and the Self that you would, in your best case scenario, become, turns out to be the version of yourself that would also be of utmost benefit to the society that surrounds you. This is just the case; as natural law works itself out in your actions, and in your very being, it satisfies you all the way down and supports your most fundamental beliefs of the way that things in this world could best operate. In the Cancer-Capricorn axis of this Full Moon, that means taking the personal (Cancer) and building out from there to the personally political (Capricorn).

On a more down-to-earth level of enjoying and embracing this Full Moon, we may also note that Venus and Mars are near each other in Leo, as Venus slows down in preparation for her July 22nd station to retrograde motion. This is just as Mars is in a partile or same-degree trine with Eris in Aries, and this is therefore an aspect of our energy for partnering rising to the fore. Romantic relationship is thus another theme of this Full Moon and we will want to revel in that. Of course we will also want to recognize that partnership is helpful in seeing our habitual patterns, providing us with another very important mirror and therefore enabling us to make necessary changes.

This Full Moon indeed represents a thoughtful time, with Mercury still conjunct the Sun, which was exact on July 1st, a day when there might have been unusual clarity in your thinking, and potentially in seeing what it is that you have to do.

Eris with Chiron being brought now to the fore – especially in regard to our relationships, with Venus in the picture of their forming conjunction – can give us the courage to face head-on those changes that we need to make and simply start going for it. In this way we can forge new pathways for ourself and substitute a different outcome than the one where we were heading without these sudden, and suddenly wise, interventions. It’s strange how we often postpone taking necessary steps, preferring the devil we know, as they say, to that which is unknown; or as Shakespeare put it four hundred years ago as he meditated on this same theme, “We would rather bear those ills we have/ Than fly to others that we know not of;/ Thus conscious doth make cowards of us all.”

As we embark upon the oh-so-necessary changes that could be coming up for us in the timing of this Full Moon, we might indeed feel as we as though we were leaving the safety of a snug harbor for the open seas. Ultimately scary. And yet as we hesitate we might take comfort in the realization that that harbor represents our past self, and no longer really exists.

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