A Full Moon of Inspiration and Truth

A Full Moon of Inspiration and Truth

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The Sagittarius Full Moon this month arrives on Saturday, June 3rd, exact at 8:42pm Pacific Time, occupying 13º Sagittarius opposite the Sun in the same degree in Gemini. This Full Moon may illuminate our sense of expansion, our hopes and dreams, and our quest for universal truth as we evolve. Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, is currently embroiled in an intense grand cross with the nodes, Pluto, and Venus, with indications for transformational breakdown, yet also opportunities for deep metamorphosis and healing. Neptune in Pisces receives a close trine from the lovely Venus, highlighting elements of fantasy, spiritual inspiration, and potential confusion, while Venus is also entering into a powerful opposition with transformative Pluto. Mercury, having finally escaped its retrograde shadow, is conjunct Uranus in Taurus – a combination that will likely have some wild surprises and new realizations for us during this Full Moon time and for the first two weeks of June. 
Pluto is still perched at 0º Aquarius, about to retrograde back into Capricorn June 11th, and the nodal axis in Taurus-Scorpio is forming square aspects to Pluto, spurring intense processes of fated transformation. In addition to this, Jupiter is magnifying the karmic vibes of the North Node in Taurus, expanding our appetite for new possibility and contact with our higher truth. Add Venus at 28º Cancer into the mix, which is opposite Pluto and square Jupiter and the Nodes, and we have a powerful grand cross. This creates a palpable dynamic tension that fosters change and growth, which can be particularly tricky in the fixed signs that tend to prefer stability over change. This could look like power struggles, touching into painful places where we’ve forgotten our true worth, and getting in touch with the deep-down psychological and emotional layers of our relational patterns. While it may be painful territory, bringing our loving presence to the places we tend to avoid can deliver us into greater wholeness and well-being. 
With Venus in trine to Neptune, as well as opposite Pluto as part of this grand cross, an aspect which grows in intensity over the week that follows this Full Moon, we may expect to see challenges, changes, as well as newfound gifts in relationships of all kinds. With a soft and connection oriented Cancer Venus in aspect to these two powerhouse outer planets, there may be fears of loss and change that arise. Yet the assignment from outer planets is often to let go, and surrender into a trust that while there are simply many things we cannot control, we can cultivate a sense of trust and faith in the tides of the Universe carrying us to shore.
Jupiter in this configuration could be very helpful, yet also magnifying the intensity, and potentially bringing attention to where we have become rigid and unbending. One way to harness the helpful aspects of Jupiter in this configuration is to hone in on what you’re truly grateful for, and do something somatically in your physical experience that helps your body and nervous system feel soothed, at ease, and expansive. Perhaps it’s a hot bath, a brisk walk through the woods, dancing, or a good snuggle with a beloved human or animal – the pathways into inspiration and seeing greater possibility may be more accessible through somatic experience around this Full Moon time.
Saturn’s journey through Pisces prompts us to reimagine the structures and systems that govern our lives, and cultivate practices and commitments that support our spiritual path. Pisces is mutable and mystical, and Saturn is structured and rigid, so the combination invokes a sense of bridging these seemingly antithetical energies, embracing paradox with a “both/and” approach to wherever we experience being stuck or encounter obstacles. With the Full Moon and Sun in a loose T-square with taskmaster Saturn, we may find ourselves under some kind of pressure – internal or external – to make crucial adjustments to our commitments. This may be your call to step into greater maturity and sense of personal responsibility; this as a part of your continual striving to be in integrity with what you feel in your heart to be your own Divine Truth.

Another striking element of this Full Moon is the Mercury-Uranus conjunction, with Mercury at 19º and Uranus at 20º of Taurus. Mercury has just finally recovered its ground after the post-retrograde shadow, and what we may find here are startling revelations or sudden events that provide new insights and innovative ideas. Often things that occur during Mercury Retrograde don’t have a “staying” power, as once Mercury rights itself the energy changes and is no longer supportive of what occurred. This could be revealed in a surprising fashion this weekend- perhaps something that came into being from April 21st to May 14th will be dismantled or fundamentally changed in some way now, in June, as Mercury collides with the unpredictable influence of Uranus. In any case we can be prepared to expect the unexpected!
During this Sagittarius Full Moon, we may find ample inspiration to expand our horizons and open into new pathways of possibility. This may be true to the extent that we also find the grace to remember our own intrinsic value, and our compassion for ourselves and others even when we get tangled in the throes of conflict. May we persevere, with clear eyes and attuned ears, ready to receive the vast wisdom of our own Truth, delivered from the Cosmos in wild and delightfully unexpected ways. Full Moon blessings to one and all!

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