A New Moon Eclipse of Deep Process and Ongoing Metamorphosis

A New Moon Eclipse of Deep Process and Ongoing Metamorphosis

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Monday morning’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries, taking place at 11:21 am PT, is a fascinating and extremely potent lunation. For starters, Mars is conjunct Saturn, signifying a slow-down, and Mercury is retrograde, and highlighted, bringing the introspection and the reconsiderations of this off-kilter period of time even more closely to our attention. In another strong factor of the eclipse configuration, Uranus and Jupiter are nearing conjunction also, 2° separating them, centered on the 20-degree mark of Taurus. The implication there is of unexpected events or surprise enlightenment coming to the fore, and perhaps in a highly positive or optimistic manner, thus potentially offsetting any potentially negative impact. In addition, and the cherry on top, if cherry is the word I want, is the extremely highlighted presence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer in this eclipse. We find the Sun and Moon at 19°24’ of Aries, with Chiron at precisely 19°24’ of the same sign, thus matching the eclipse degree to the very minute in an extremely rare alignment.

Such a close conjunction of Chiron with the eclipse Sun and Moon emphasizes internal wounding, together with its healing, Chiron’s signature archetypal meaning. This wounding, likely based on early childhood trauma, and its accompanying inner work, will be on our minds and in our hearts in an unusual accord of compassion and understanding. This includes events upon the world stage. Of course as well, and especially for those with a 19° or a 20° placement – in a Cardinal sign especially, and in any sign, really – might feel this more strongly, perhaps detecting powerful feelings of upset or triggering. The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. We also might be prompted, goddess willing, to recognize this and to try to do something about it; and this would ideally be to reach out with a loving and accepting compassion to the hidden places within the psyche where such inner wounding dwells.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that is featured in this eclipse bears mentioning in greater detail. This is – once again – a New Moon configuration featuring Uranus, and now Uranus in conjunction with Jupiter. The close conjunction, exact on the 20th, spurs us on to brilliant ideas, to “thinking outside of the box,” and making a way out of no way. The difficulties inherent in this powerful New Moon eclipse configuration, the introspection and missed communications of the Mercury Retrograde, the prominence of Chiron, which promotes inner wounding rising to the surface, perhaps as reactivity, and the Mars conjunct Saturn that stymies our efforts, have their offsetting bright side in this Taurus Jupiter, prominently positive, combined with Uranus, offering novel solutions.

Mars in conjunction with Saturn also has its upside in terms of depth of knowledge and commitment to spiritual presence. The remainder of this month will also likely be a time of slowing down our forward momentum, as the Mercury Retrograde period advises also. It will be a noticeable collision of attempted forward momentum as up against the universe declaring “not so fast!”

As far as Pluto , newly arrived in Aquarius, and the transformation implied by his presence there in the opening degrees of the sign, there is another aspect that should be mentioned. And that is Venus and Neptune both in sextile with Pluto, with also the Venus/Neptune midpoint, at 1° Aries, in partile or same-degree sextile to the Lord of Death and Rebirth. This as Pluto remains as well in tight square with the new Nature planet Haumea, at the 1° mark of Scorpio. This Pluto presence indicates that transformation remains very much a factor in the April astrology, with also the coming Scorpio Full Moon making a T-square to Pluto.

And, indeed, what else are we here for if not to grow? That is to say, to grow in our understanding of ourselves and of each other, to come to the next stage of our spiritual development and our authenticity.

As the Grateful Dead lyric goes, in the song that is called “The Wheel”:

The wheel is turning and you can't slow it down,
You can't let go and you can't hold on,
You can’t go back, and you can’t stand still,
If the thunder don’t get you then the lightening will.

Round, round, robin run round,
Got to get back to where you belong,
Little bit harder, just a little bit more,
A little bit further than you gone before.

Our evolutionary growth indeed is, as our dear departed friend Alan Oken used to say, “the only game in town, or at least the only one I know of that is worth playing.”

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