A Libra Full Moon Eclipse of Dimensions Beyond the Purely Physical

A Libra Full Moon Eclipse of Dimensions Beyond the Purely Physical

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Monday’s Lunar Eclipse, taking place on March 25th at 12 am PDT, later morning hours for points east, represents a form of culmination in the lunation cycle that began with the Pisces New Moon of March 10th, and additionally has fascinating characteristics that chime with that previous astrological configuration. Specifically, outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all three featured in both of these lunations, bringing up the idea that we cannot live out our lives from solely materialistic concerns and instead must understand that we are in essence multi-dimensional beings. Neptune, ruler of Sun and Moon in that initiating Pisces lunation, remains a strong thematic factor, symbolizing the world of Spirit that coexists with the familiar world of 3D material form. In the March 10th lunation, Neptune was also aspected by Venus, Jupiter, and the new KBO planet, Haumea. At the Moon’s First Quarter, The Sun was in partile (same-degree) conjunction Neptune with the Moon in square, while in the current eclipse Full Moon, the Sun is exactly contra-parallel to Neptune, their declinations matching to the minute of a degree. It is important to note that Uranus and Pluto are also prominent now, signifying recognition of dimensional realities beyond the physical as well as our own individual personal transformation in the direction of greater wholeness.

Uranus and Pluto, highlighted two weeks ago at the current lunation’s inception, remain quite prominent also, being in the eclipse Full Moon closely aspected by Sun, Moon, and the Neptune/ Sun midpoint. Uranus, sextile the previous lunation’s Sun and Moon is now in precise semi-square and sesquiquadrate to the Sun and Moon respectively, while Pluto, formerly in close sextile to Mercury at the beginning degree of Aries, is now sextiled by the Neptune/ Sun midpoint, and additionally aspected by Mars at the beginning of Pisces. In the prominence of these outer planet archetypes, we find recognition of what lies beyond the physical. Neptune in particular rules imagination and fantasy, idealization and deception, the universe of the unconscious psyche and the night-time dreams that bring us clues regarding what is going on with us within these hidden realms deep inside, factors that are a vitally important factor in understanding our basic freedom of action and of true understanding of our cosmic being.

Uranus, representing the unexpected in terms of events that could transpire, has been prominent is recent New Moons that were at or close to 20 degrees of their signs, therefore aspecting the Uranus degree of 19 or 20 degrees of Taurus. Uranus in Taurus is in some ways particularly disruptive, because Venus-ruled Taurus is much more steady-state than the flights of fancy potentially engendered by the astrological Uranus. We have seen this disruption in national headlines with the catastrophic situation unfolding in Gaza, where massive starvation is currently threatened, and where the nations of the world are almost universally opposed to further escalation of the war effort there; yet divisiveness remains. The severe state of the Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression and the stalling of U.S. aid also comes to mind as an upsetting and surprisingly difficult set of circumstances. There is also, however, amidst the unexpected surprises that Uranus can bring, also an upside in terms of novel solutions to previously intransigent problems; a factor that applies to each of us, individually, and may very well also be in play over these next two weeks of the current lunation cycle as it continues to unfold.

Pluto is also of course of exciting and newsworthy prominence at the moment, being newly arrived into Aquarius for essentially – minus a few months in the fall of 2024 – these next twenty years. Pluto was also highlighted in the recent March 10th New Moon, and is well-aspected in the current lunation because it occupies 1°45' Aquarius, therefore closely aspected by Mars at 1°47' Pisces in semi-sextile, as well as the Neptune/ Sun midpoint of 1°23' Aries, a sextile, and new Nature planet Haumea, at 1°35' of Scorpio, in square. The prominence of Pluto along with Uranus and Neptune foretells that we are in a period of rather intense information download and evolutionary change, at least to the extent that we can remain open to possibility.

That Haumea is involved – along with these more accepted 20th century outer planets – is quite interesting as a commentary on our times, and also potentially on our own individual evolutionary arcs of development. The other of these two new Nature KBO planets, Makemake, is also currently contra-parallel Pluto and in bi-quintile alignment with Jupiter. The Pluto-Haumea square has been highlighted for a year or more, featured in the New Moons beginning in February, 2023. Together, these 21st century astronomical discoveries point to an internal moral commitment to right relationship, right action and telling the truth, factors that we can see featured every day in the political headlines where the inherent drawbacks of not telling the truth are becoming more and more evident.

The good news with these, as with the other outer planets poised in the more distant reaches of our solar system, is that they point to an individual mandate that exists with the depths of each one of us, and nowhere else. This notion, that we are as we can take a stand on our deepest beliefs, dependent on nothing at all outside of ourselves, is indeed a refreshing message, and one that can give us back our freedom of action and of agency, in the midst of mind-numbing consensus attempts to derail this all-important factor of life. Blessed be!

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