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Gemini Horoscope for December 2013

Gemini Horoscope for December 2013

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This is an important month for remembering who you really are, Gemini. Relationship is on your mind in a big way, and in a manner that involves a sense of self-reliance together with an important and ongoing examination of your own inner word. It is perhaps a paradox that to be totally familiar and comfortable in your connection with significant others in your life, you must first be completely transparent and conversant in your own understanding of what makes you yourself tick, but it is nonetheless simply so. Old patterns of behavior based on prior wounding are also likely to arise. You are delving into the mysteries of life and this includes a healthy connect with your own demons – especially with the ones who are the angels in disguise.

As an overview for the entire month, it is important to note that you are coming out of a phase of strong Neptune, stemming from the Last Quarter Moon from the end of November, which leads into the new lunar cycle that begins on the 2nd of December. Neptune is highlighted when Mercury changes signs into Sagittarius in the early part of the month, and comes into square. Neptune is also currently angular within your Solar Chart, located in the first few degrees of Pisces and therefore coincident with the start point of your sector of career and professional life. This placement implies a more graceful and compassionate centering for your work in the world, emphasizing the "path with heart" above all others. This has been an important touchstone for you ever since the 10th of November when Mercury came out of its retrograde and changed to direct motion, and remains so for the current month of December, and beyond.

Uranus is also stopped almost dead still in the sky for the entire month of December, with its actual station to direct motion taking place on the 17th. Uranus is located in your sector of wishes, hopes, societal connection and future plans, so that there are likely to be insights that come to you in this area as the month unfolds. There could be a startling change of direction in some key portion of your friendships or groups to which you feel yourself connected with, or to your conception of your pathway forward.

Uranus is also in close connection with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, prominent in your life right now because occupying a place near the top of your solar chart. This implies that you have been at east somewhat wrestling with old patterns of behavior that have come up for your review, your recognition, and your acknowledgment. The issues that gave rise to these most likely originated in early childhood and are by now long gone, but still potent. Then, the only reaction that you had was to bury your hurt feelings away because they were too painful for the conscious handling of them. You have the chance to rectify their banishment by simply paying the most careful attention when they arise in your current context, either as reactivity or silent withdrawal. This could be in the midst of relationship connection or with regard to authority figures in your life.

As Mercury, your ruler, enters into its new sign, it also symbolically moves into your seventh solar sector where it brings partnership more prominently to your conscious awareness. The December 2nd New Moon that very nearly begins the month in this same sector also represents for you a fresh start with some part of your existing relationship dynamic. Since Pluto, activated by this New Moon, also resides in your intimacy sector, this month potentially provides a new plateau for close connection with important others, which has been something of a major theme in your life in recent years. As far as you have undoubtedly come in this important area of life, there could be further developments that will yet arise over the course of this monthly cycle. It may be that greater intimacy with significant others is possible, without sacrificing your own unique sense of yourself.

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