Gemini Horoscope for January 2014

Gemini Horoscope for January 2014

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This new year and month represents for you a significant leap forward, Gemini, which as luck would have it is also a leap down and in. You are moving toward realities within your soul that you had only partially glimpsed before this time. You win by asking no questions and simply allowing. This journey of inner exploration involves others as well as yourself, and brings dedication to your task of assessing where you are truly headed as you take on your normal duties with an extra sense of cosmic responsibility. If you are not able to fully submerge and explore, you will have yet further and more profound chances later on. This secondary world of your inner process informs this one and does not in any way invalidate it.

An overview for the entire month is indicated by your solar chart for January 1st, featuring the Capricorn New Moon. This New Moon, taking place early in the morning on New Year's Day, provides a preview for not only January but also for all of 2014. In this regard, it is extremely important to note that your ruling planet, Mercury, is positioned at a powerful point in this chart, being closely conjunct transformative Pluto, plus the Sun and Moon. This clustering of planets, known as a stellium, is positioned in your sector of death and rebirth, sexuality and intimacy, and also of what I like to call personal evolution. With the death and rebirth transformational energies symbolized by Pluto located in this same sector, and highlighted over these past several years, you have likely been through the wringer, turning yourself inside out in order that you might burn away those aspects of your surface personality that are no longer serving you in the present era. The implication of this potent New Year's Day chart is that in this monthly cycle, you are facing still greater and more profound change than anything that you have experienced thus far.

As a mutable air sign you are familiar with fluctuation and changeability, but these transformational forces lead you into something further: unexplored depths and hidden worlds within you. You have been going through some of this in recent months, and could be seeking the positive side. The ultimate result is definitely positive, although it could perhaps take all of 2014 for you to truly get to where you are longing to go.

As suggested by the opposition of Mars and Uranus, which are both square to the New Moon stellium, the deep exploration of your own interior motivations is tied to your creative expression, as well as to your community and circle of friends, plus a new-found sense of your life path unfolding before you in accordance with your most deeply held beliefs and values, The final piece of this grand cross New Moon configuration is highlighted Jupiter, positioned in your material and resources sector, opposite Mercury and Pluto. You are experiencing changes in all these different areas of life, and reaching out for a balance point.

With Venus moving in retrograde motion you are meditating deeply on how relationship with important others helps to refine your own self-expression as a manifestation of deep soul purpose. While this exploration may feel extremely profound and personal, it is not a journey you need take alone. Indeed the opportunity is there to incorporate others into your quest for a deeper knowing. Expressing yourself creatively in this conversation provides a crucial link in integrating new learning and ways of being into your community, where you are currently gaining your bearings as a revolutionary thinker, forging a path upon which others may join you.

The great irony of our existence is that the only truly consistent state is one of change. During this somewhat intense month, the circle of life — constantly renewing itself through cycles of death and rebirth — comes to the forefront of your consciousness, and a great learning is at hand through your willingness to be transformed. You further your personal evolution by inquiring deeply into this ongoing miracle. Your thought processes, personal vitality, emotional centering, and approach to relationship are all deeply affected by the way in which you ponder and consider your own soul amidst this mystery.

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