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Libra Horoscope for November 2012

Libra Horoscope for November 2012

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Your interior viewpoint is the most interesting one of all right now, Libra. You are riding high in the material plane, feeling the wave carry you that began with of last month's New Moon in your sign with only a few issues of lack to contend with, but what is going on with here-and-now surface events is only a small part of your current story. The eclipses of this month are powerful for you and take you where you need to go. You are called to unlock the deeper mysteries of your existence and it can't be done except in terms of soul-orientation. Although there are definitely trials to contend with, as you continue to transform at your very core, the universe is ever on your side, leading you down and through.

As the month begins, you are still reveling in the wake of the potent late-October Full Moon that pulled you out of your solitariness and into closer connection with others in your life. In a way, this recent energy brought you balance, and in another way, excess of otherness, some foreign element that brought you to a different place than you would have come to on your own. Now, at the beginning of a new stage of your existence, you might be more conscious than ever of the benefits of partnering up with another point of view, which has the paradoxical effect of augmenting and completing you in a stronger sense of yourself.

Your ruler, Venus, has just crossed into your sign, there to make an optimistic bridge with Mercury in your communications sector, so that a talkative and simultaneously educational phase is unfolding for you, a time of feeling fairly comfortable in your own skin, and also more fully conscious of the potency of others to bring enlightenment, as you make your way through the changes of this rather intense year of 2012.

As the year winds down, you are also perhaps recognizing more and more how your basic notions of psychological security have been evolving. There are important changes on the home front, in either a literal or a figurative sense, that have compromised what you have always in the past considered your safety zone, so that you have in response been more or less forced to experiment with new ways of believing and of being. These notions have struck you with even greater poignancy recently, and now, as Mercury begins once again its tri-annual season of retrograde motion, you have the opportunity to reflect profoundly on these and other matters related to your ongoing metamorphosis of values.

The point of view that takes you further down the road of your personal evolution, and indeed toward a novel way of seeing your life path as it continues to unfold that might well involve the strangeness of the contribution of others to your life. This month you are welcoming home that prodigal son of your own journey, in all its glory and uniqueness, and yet an important part of that embrace has been to more fully accept the wilder side of yourself as shown to you by your interaction with significant partners.

Detailed Monthly Forecast

With the Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, November 6th, coincident with the retrograde of Mercury, the ruler of your higher mind sector, you are likely to be uncovering a few wrinkles in how you see things shaping up for you; a collision of values. You are being drawn, firmly yet still gently, toward a mystical internal stance that additionally to simplistic surface reality, takes everything to good purpose as symbolic of deeper process at work in your life.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse of the following week, taking place on Tuesday, November 13th, is an especially powerful lunation, occurring in your sector of values and resources, including financial resources. You might find that there have been pinches and limitations that you have run into in this area, with competing optimistic projections and new information that switch figure and ground, so that suddenly everything changes. You are still empowered by significant persons in your life as you simultaneously reach for greater independence of action. There are places where you seem to be stuck that suddenly yield, opening up your horizon to further vistas of possibility.

With the First Quarter Moon of Tuesday, November 20th, you come up against some snags in your evolving mental picture of what can eventually be achieved as you revamp your approach. Such difficulties as you encounter are helpful as well as hindering since by contrast you can determine where you feel you truly need to be. Communications could run aground on issues that you didn't consciously know that you had to deal with, thereby once more increasing your awareness of your true situation.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse that comes along a week later, taking place on Wednesday, November 28th in your sector of higher mind activity, represents a culmination of everything that has come before it since the very beginning of the month. You are by this point getting more used to the concept of massive change working its way through your life, from top to bottom. Fierce obstacles arise and then vanish like the mirages that they actually are, as your perspective shifts and morphs. It's quite a bit like dancing; when you get all tangled up, just proceed to tango on.

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