Libra Horoscope for June 2014

Libra Horoscope for June 2014

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This is another exciting month, Libra. You are still changing at deep levels of your being, all the way through to the end of this powerful year. The Mercury Retrograde period that commences on the first Saturday in June provides an opportunity to self-examine, as you discover further wrinkles in what might be termed your guiding worldview, and as you reconsider every aspect of what, for you, might accurately define career success. You are also giving energy to the evolving story of partnership in your life, which is volatile and yet also inspirational. You have loads of energy these days for travel plans, and for seeking to expand your mental horizons. You cannot refrain from exploration, even though in the end it all comes down to what you find within the depths of your own inner spaces.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave from the powerful New Moon that took place in the middle of the last week of May, and lit up your sector of higher mind activities. During a thoughtful month of June, punctuated by a slowing Mercury, about to turn retrograde on Saturday, June 7th, the indications are that your worldview is likely to be subtly altering. Rampant idealism could pervade your thought process over this entire month, as well as a sense of introspection as you internally reflect on how you see things. There is an almost dream-like sense of wonder that allows you to recognize the multiple dimensionalities in what you are going through. On the one hand there is the normal course of events that you must continue to deal with together with the practical necessities implied by living in the material world, and on the other, you might be able to conceive of the ghost in the machine that represents that soul level work of inner growth and connection with unconscious process.

Mercury is in its retrograde period this month from the first weekend onward, and for the remainder of June, stationing to direct motion on July 1st, and escaping its retrograde shadow by July 16th. During this entire period it is not wise to "push the river" preferring instead to allow the course of events to unfold along the lines laid out before the advent of the retrograde period. This time does represent a terrific opportunity for looking within, and for attempting to understand yourself better from the inside, both in isolation and with regard to your relationship dynamic. Because Mercury stations in your career sector, there are implications for taking a second look at this area, rethinking your public contribution.

As you meditate on the human condition, especially your own, partnership is increasingly on your mind. Mars, the ruler of your opposite sign, and hence of your relationship sector, is an active presence now in your own, having been through his recent retrograde and straightened out to direct motion in mid-May. Over these past few weeks, therefore, there has likely been a period of reflection regarding how you do partnership with others. You are in some sense partner-oriented, and have gotten used to habit patterns in this area that have nevertheless been slowly evolving, and have recently begun to make the changes in this area more conscious. As indicated by the presence of Uranus in your opposite sign of Aries, significant persons in your life are also a source of inspiration for you now, and a catalyst for ongoing change.

This month has many facets that each present a different side of the introspection and depth work in which you are currently engaged. Uranus and Pluto are still quite active, working underground within your psyche. The energy for massive revolution within you, which in essence is reestablishing your basis for psychological and familial security in a new way, has been modified by recent developments, and through all its twists and turns remains an active power to transform your life from the inside out.

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