An August Month of Enlightenment, Decision and Indecision

An August Month of Enlightenment, Decision and Indecision

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This August month is another rather exciting one, with all three traditional outer planets featured in one way or another, and with the ongoing presence of a T-square to Pluto from new KBO planets Eris and Haumea also energizing the emerging picture. This last full month of summer will likely be providing plenty of surprises, with Uranus in the middle degrees of Taurus stationing retrograde, hence more potent, and also being squared by the Sun and Moon in the Leo New Moon of Sunday, August 8th, the key lunation of the current month. Not to leave Neptune out at all, in this same New Moon, Venus at nearly 21 degrees of Virgo is closely opposed to Neptune in Pisces at 22. The Sun and Moon are closely bi-quintile Neptune as well, an aspect of higher vibration separated from exact by less than ½ of a degree of Zodiacal longitude. Uranus being featured along with Neptune suggests novel spiritual dimensions coming into being while Pluto highlighted in Capricorn continues to signal massive societal changes taking place, as we have consistently been seeing happen, right before our very eyes, all last year and this. The outer planets are such an interesting modern phenomenon, arriving in the timing of the outskirts of the industrial revolution. They are there, essentially, to reassure us that everything, even the difficult things, even the straight-out crazy things, that happen to us as individuals and as a culture, are happening for a reason. It is all part of the plan, as whimsically pollyanna as that might seem. In the midst of one disaster after another, we are getting to better understand the workings of the universe to bring about the vitally necessary developmental evolution that is our birthright as human souls in transition.
As far as prominent Uranus, in Taurus, this represents the chance to make a departure from the same old same old, to take the stale bread of life and make pudding out of it, to make suddenly an unexpected left turn, or come to a surprising revelation, and run with it. Uranus is also located in the 15th degree of Taurus, a degree where it will remain for many weeks due to its upcoming August 20th retrograde, to past the end of September as it turns out. The Sabian Symbol for that degree reads “A man muffled up, with a rakish silk hat,” which Marc Edmund Jones relates to “self-integrity… a continual and effective awareness of a role to be played… a superb aplomb arising from the constant rediscovery of greater powers latent in self-hood.”  Indeed that is our task right now – to take whatever these fateful times can throw at us and remain unperturbed, confident in our determination to rise above.
With Eris magnified by its tight square with Pluto, active since the beginning of the 2020 year, we are all spiritual warriors on one level or another, ready to take up arms in the fight to save some semblance of a peaceful resolution to the power struggles of this 21st century. Nothing new there, of course, except for the urgency, which is reaching epic proportions – with income and racial problems dividing us and climate change looming. With Neptune so very prominent as well, and for the past month also, we are seeing issues of deception and misinformation running rampant, which fact calls for a finely tuned sense of discernment to come into play if we are to survive as a culture. There are false leads everywhere, not least of which of course in this country is the Big Lie that the recent presidential election was stolen. Although electoral fraud has been strongly asserted, and promoted, no evidence has ever been provided. You would think this to be a shaky peg to rest an entire political strategy upon, but there seems to be no sign of letting up, and this is where the Neptunian archetype comes to the fore. We all are in the process of questioning what – if anything – can concretely be believed. We are capable of being deceived in this and in many other things, and also capable of self-deception as proves necessary to us, in order to retain a particular worldview.
This situation might change somewhat when Saturn comes back into close alignment with Uranus in its quite telling square formation that is currently a subtext to all that is going on with the powerful astrological symbolism detailed above. That will be toward the very end of the 2021 year and bring into great prominence the uncertainty of the pandemic by that time, and the divisive societal issues themselves, whether winding down by then – or winding full ahead – remaining to be determined.

In the meantime what to do? Why merely, and also greatly, we must just keep on keeping on, doing the best we can, putting our shoulder to the wheel of progress as we see the possibility, and taking solace from the astrology that events have their purpose. With the astrology of these times being so damn accurate, we may be better equipped to feel in our hearts that, somehow, the universe is on our side and will see us through. 

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