A March Month of Joy and Madness

A March Month of Joy and Madness

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This month brings an unusually dense mix of archetypal energies that are directly tied to the configuration of the Pisces New Moon that very nearly begins it, taking place on the morning of March 2nd PT, afternoon for the east coast and Europe. This New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, strengthening its impact and is therefore fully imbued with the tendencies toward expansion and optimistic thinking that strong Jupiter implies. Simultaneously we have also the close quintile aspect made by the Sun and Moon to Uranus, trickster planet of unexpected events and surprising revelations, and a potently close conjunction between Saturn and Mercury, a mere quarter of a degree apart, as well as a very unusual triple conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto, at about the 27-degree mark of Capricorn, with this degree being also square to Eris and closely square to the new planet, Haumea, signifying connection to Nature and to the inner compass provided by concepts of natural law. The factor of all five personal planets, counting Sun and Moon, in such close alignment with outer planets Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, makes for a volatile month, as also events on the world stage would seem to indicate.

In spite of everything that is going on for us both personally and collectively, it is good to recognize that Jupiter with Uranus also symbolizes brilliant thinking, of finding a way out of things where no way seems possible, and the Sun and Moon in connection with specifically these two potent planetary archetypes really is some cause for optimism with whatever it is that we are attempting to handle.

And with Pluto so greatly emphasized in this New Moon configuration, what that is could well be some form of necessary spiritual evolution. We have seen over the past two years the societal consequences of Saturn with Pluto, active through 2020 and for the previous year as well, and now early in 2022 we encounter this potent Pluto placement in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, and in square with these new planetary archetypes encouraging us to dig deep for what it is that makes the most authentic sense for each of us, personally, going forward. To me, this is all part of the lessons of this extraordinary time, that it is indeed time to be unflinchingly truthful with ourselves and with others, and to focus on rising as best we can to the occasion, both personally or with regard to the larger issues of our beleaguered civilization.

The fact that personal planets Venus and Mars are involved with Pluto also implies specific transformation for each one of us in the way that we manage our anger, act in accordance with our values, handle our resources including financial resources, and relate to each other. We are challenged at this time to obey the dictates of our hearts in the way that we deal with the implicit stress of our modern lives and amidst the political turmoil of these fraught times that we are all living through. With also Eris involved, we are being asked, as we have been asked for many months now, to step up to the plate and act with all the authenticity that we can muster, strictly on the principles of our own inner guiding light.

It is important to note, as well, that strong Uranus makes for things being potentially a bit crazed and “out of whack” and that in the mid-month Virgo Full Moon both Mars and Venus, by then in the sign of Aquarius, are in close aspect to Uranus in Taurus, with Venus also exactly contra-parallel to Uranus. Relationships in particular may well be subject to unusual events and realizations during this second half of the month.

With Uranus again emphasized in the lunations of March, this is an inspired and slightly outrageous month where we can once again expect the unexpected. It is also a time when it might profit us to be far more open to novel ways of thinking. As Einstein once remarked, it is not really possible to solve a problem with the same assumptions and habitual constraints that got us there in the first place. And it could indeed be time for a new way.

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