A June Month of Moral Commitment and Transformation

A June Month of Moral Commitment and Transformation

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June gets started with the positive vibes of optimistic Jupiter, newly entered into Gemini. Jupiter is also making a potent trine alignment to transformational Pluto, in the second degree of Aquarius. Known as the God of Death and Rebirth, where what is implied is a philosophical rather than an actual ending, Pluto can be difficult and yet also reminds us that there are always good things to find about starting over. Pluto is emphasized in the Gemini New Moon of June 6th, along with prominent Jupiter, Venus, and Chiron, so that his transformational effects remain with us for the entire month. Metamorphosis turns out well for the butterfly, and, in the end, for us all, the one thing though, that we might wish to recognize as well, is that it is not much fun for the caterpillar. This potent Gemini New Moon features Venus in partile or same-degree conjunction with the Sun and Moon, while all three make an extremely close sesquiquadrate aspect to Pluto and also to the new Nature planet, Haumea, in close long-term square with Pluto. The prominence of Venus has consequences for our relationships, which are receiving special attention this month, while the Pluto- Haumea square is all about digging down to the real truth of the matter in terms of innate moral compass; what is right, and what is not, what is truth, and what lies, as we continue our process of evolutionary growth into greater personal authenticity.

The June 6th Gemini New Moon is, in technical terms, a doozy. Venus being so very prominent, having been in close association with the Sun for many days in her superior conjunction, reminds us that our Venus-ruled relations with each other, and our values, are so important in these days of dissonance and conflicted opinion, while the extremely close sesqui-yod to the Sun, Moon, and Venus from Pluto square Haumea calls out, amongst each of our private and particular values, that common sense natural law is, for each one of us, the key. A natural sense of what counts as our individual truth has been shown in the research to be a signature of both Haumea and Makemake, these Kuiper Belt Objects identified by the astronomers as a variety of planet. These new 21st century archetypes can be characterized as having to do with “profound connection to Nature,” and, as well, to a species of natural law: of right action, right relationship, and truth telling. In Haumea’s long-term square with Pluto, active since February of 2023, the question becomes “Is it important to treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated, and to tell the truth, as far as we know it?” The implied answer, in spite of postmodern relativism, is unequivocally “Yes, it is.”

As the lunation cycle initiated by this potent Gemini New Moon continues to unfold, there is also the Moon’s First Quarter of late evening June 13th, Pacific Time, which is also quite dramatic. This quarter Moon features the Sun in partile or same-degree conjunction with Mercury at 23° of Gemini, square the Moon in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo, semi-sextile Uranus in Taurus, and sextile Chiron, the Wounded Healer, as well as Eris, Spiritual Warrior for soul intention. Chiron and Eris are themselves conjunct within three degrees, in Aries. The Pluto- Haumea square is still highlighted. The fact of Mercury being so prominent in this First Quarter Moon configuration implies a great deal of thoughtful meditation on our 2024 situation, while the Chiron emphasis indicates inner wounding coming to the surface for recognition and, potentially, for healing of these difficult hurt places within. Chiron has been active in recent lunations, in a partile conjunction with Mercury in last month’s Taurus New Moon, and, most dramatically, in the April 8th Aries eclipse in which the Sun and Moon eclipse degree was conjunct Chiron, to the minute of a degree. We could state that there is currently quite a bit of pain being experienced, and processed (as we can) both on an individual and a collective level.

As far as the Capricorn Full Moon, we perceive that comes another week further on, taking place on the evening of June 21st, at 1° of Capricorn, opposed by the Sun at 1° of Cancer, following by one day the Cancer Solstice. In this configuration, the Sun and Moon make an extremely close T-square to Neptune, and also closely aspect Pluto at 1° 34’ of Aquarius. Our ongoing transformation of intention and of values therefore takes on – in this latter portion of the June month – a mystical and otherworldly tinge.

The presence of Neptune in these June configurations is quite remarkable, just as Neptune is getting ready to station to retrograde motion on July 2nd, never quite getting to the Aries Point, although becoming quite near to it. The zodiacal distance of Neptune from the 0° mark of Aries when it stations is less than 5’ of a degree. This is also just as Saturn, stationing retrograde himself on June 29th, comes within 10 degrees of his conjunction with Neptune, an extremely interesting aspect that comes quite close to exact in the summer of 2025, and perfects in the following February of 2026. Saturn-Neptune is delineated in an addendum to Richard Tarnas’ masterwork, Cosmos and Psyche, where he references this end-of-decade time period as characterized by cynicism and a “crisis of confidence,” with attributes of “vision, hope, trust, deception, and illusion.” These terms do seem, to me at least, to ably characterize our current situation.

So what, in summary, are we to do in the face of these seemingly inevitable challenges, coming down upon us like, as they say, an approaching freight train. The answer lies in the collective action comprised by each one of us. As these outer planet patternings are making a constant reminder, it is that you have to fall back on who you at the core really are, as well as on your angel guidance, and your trust in your own individual moral compass to see you through. This is the one variable in all this that can be controlled; and yet, somehow, it can be enough.

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