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Pisces Horoscope for December 2013

Pisces Horoscope for December 2013

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It seems that the universe is really out to amaze and startle you with its wonders, Pisces, and that, as another remarkable month ensues, these include a glimpse of your own interior process, perhaps the greatest wonder of all. You are flying straight, right on target for career goals, yet you also find yourself in fluctuating circumstances requiring cosmic grace to get you through. Your finances could be shifting once more, and your course on your own future evolution has yet to present you with your final certificate even though many hours have been spent on the learning. Through it all, a fundamental optimism prevails. Another important step forward can at least be taken over this powerful cycle that is currently unfolding, one that involves a detour into your own inner workings.

As an overview for the entire month, it is important that trickster Uranus is stationing to direct motion in mid-December in your sector of values and resources, the area of life in which you feel a sense of stability, or its lack. The fact that Uranus is standing still in the sky for virtually the entire month makes this quirky factor, of lightning-like flashes of realization and unexpected fluctuations, incrementally even more potent in symbolic influence than recently. There are insights to be gained in this area of life, stemming from meditating more fully on the material resources at your disposal, including financial ones. Ideally, the ups and downs of outer circumstances would be less important than spiritual connectivity within you, although of course this ideal is difficult to realize in the actual working out of events. A compromise must be acknowledged. There is a way of holding simultaneously the thoughts that material world is necessary for your self-satisfaction and that it is not.

Pluto is also quite active this month and on into 2014, as it draws nearer to another hit of its perfect square aspect with Uranus. The two in combination represent nothing less than a revolution in the way that you network socially and see your path ahead. This has implications for friendships and for group interaction, and for your essential intention in participating in society around you. It is true that the perceived frame provided by society determines some of the way in which you see yourself as actively engaged in this area of life, although such consensus thought cannot remain viable in the long run as your only motivation. You are becoming increasingly more conscious of other factors that come from your own point of view, and from the deeper intention that you have for yourself going forward.

Recent insights into old patterns of inner wounding are also accelerated in the midst of recognitions inspired by this month's cycles, since Chiron remains highlighted in combination with Uranus. You have been gradually exploring what could be seen as a difficult region to get a grasp on, since the factors that have been subsumed were at one point at least largely unconscious ones. The best way to continue working in this important area is to silently witness your reactions without necessarily changing anything, but while beginning to notice where your defenses habitually come up.

On the plus side of this month's symbolism, there is also a focus on heightened self-expression that is implicit in these planetary archetypes in combination, since Jupiter is highlighted and grounded by the forming trine aspect that he makes with Saturn during the early going. You are in a position to paradoxically gain greater freedom of expression by accepting and acknowledging your limitations. Resistance leads to reactivity, while acceptance leads to a feeling of satisfaction that blossoms outwardly, generating an overall feeling of expansiveness.

The way that you handle the realms of social function also becomes the subject of even greater introspection on your part when Venus retrogrades during final third of December, beginning with the Winter Solstice on December 21st, in this same sector of you solar chart. With the Sun entering into Capricorn this same day, this event also brings greater conscious focus on this important area, consisting in the way that you interact socially to create an amalgam between what you conceive as possible and your intentions for your own future. Your attitude toward what you value obviously comes into this, as well as recent depth researches into what indeed ultimately makes you tick.

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