Pisces Horoscope for April 2014

Pisces Horoscope for April 2014

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This is the time of your life, Pisces, all in flux, and with the pace getting faster as the spring commences. Nothing is quite the same as the month unfolds, rather life is renewed and somehow lighter, with the consciousness of major transition. It might be that old wounds could surface now, bringing you into a different sense of yourself as you move beyond them. You could find great alteration in finances and even with regard to your values, and the basis for your sense of security, in unexpected and yet in the end positive and beneficial ways. This could all be conceived as a crash course in acceptance. Things get so much better once you allow the universe to guide you, getting past the notion that you alone must master your fate.

As the month begins, you are feeling into the energy of this powerful monthly cycle as portrayed in the chart of its inception, namely the Aries New Moon of March 30th, from the last weekend of the previous month. This New Moon formed the seeding impulse for the current lunar cycle, lasting through April, and took place in your resources sector, which is also the sector of your security and self-reliance, so that issues of self and other will be one theme as an intense month unfolds. Because Mars rules this sector in your solar chart, and is still retrograde in your eighth sector of intimacy and personal evolution, there is an inner dialog you might be having that involves your own sense of security and as well the impact of others on it. Your finances could also be the subject of your meditations now, how you do them and what they truly mean, as contributors to your psychological sense of well being or its lack.

Key relationships in your life have been a major factor for several weeks now, ever since the retrograde of Mercury in February. Mercury is the ruler of your relationship sector and has been in and out of your sign ever since that time. The previous month's retrograde implies that you might have been engaged for weeks in taking a closer look at your relationship dynamic. Now that Mercury is back in your sign, moving forward this time, you are seeing the fruit of these deeper investigations leading to a further evolution of your ideas regarding partnership and, as well, personal security. You have been attempting to distill the wisdom of recent weeks and use it as a springboard into your next stage, which you are currently formulating within one part of your mind as April gets underway.

It is also very much of interest for you that Uranus in your security and resources sector is also in forming square with Pluto, dark emissary of death and rebirth, or radical transformation. You are therefore finding inspiration in your current activity of following up on ideas from weeks ago that have long-lasting effects; you are on a course of action that is essentially re-shaping your future, and your vision of that future is changing. After the mid-month Lunar Eclipse, and the Easter weekend that comes after, on the 20th and the days immediately following, the looming Uranus-Pluto square becomes much more active, and the evolutionary pressure upon you that much more intense. You are seeking nothing less than a thoroughgoing metamorphosis of your values, your security needs, and your outer world public presence, with the influence of significant persons in your life as additional inputs to the process.

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