Pisces Horoscope for May 2014

Pisces Horoscope for May 2014

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You are pulling back somewhat from flights of imaginative fancy, Pisces, as you move toward an attitude that is more practical, and concretely realizable. This month could see positive gains in the various issues that you have been dealing with over the course of a potent year of change. You are currently possessed of a quality of joyous self-expression that takes you far, and allows you to recognize where you have benefited in recent trials, and toward what further stage you might actually be heading. You could in fact feel a philosophically inclined motivation to concentrate on and mentally explore the new psychic space that you find yourself in. More layers of the onion will emerge as you reach for your next phase in the ongoing transformation represented by the journey of this late springtime.

As the month begins, you are confounded, confused and amazed by recent transformational urges during an intense year of change, culminating in last month's cardinal grand cross, and by the power of the recent Solar Eclipse New Moon from the 28th of April that took place in your communications sector. This New Moon eclipse, combined with the retrograde of Mars in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution, presages a thoughtful month of further transformational import as you mull over your changes and attempt to peer ahead into an uncertain future. You have now the opportunity to recreate your prospects for a more socially engaged outlook, nearer to your heart's true desire, as you are coming to understand that impulse emanating from deep within you.

Because the New Moon eclipse took place in your third solar sector of communication and exploration, and in the opposite sign from a prominent Saturn, located in your sector of higher mind, you are taking a renewed look at your perspective on the world around you. You have an enormous focus now in the area of learning, expanded mental and philosophical horizons, and for growing in your understanding of what makes the world around you tick, and you as well. You could find that projects of teaching or of travel are uppermost in your mind. Surmounting obstacles in these areas ultimately brings the rewards of more greatly concentrated experience.

With Uranus activated in your sector of finances and resources, your relationship to the material world is also irrevocably changing over the course of an active time period that has been peaking over these past few weeks and into the present monthly cycle. There have been fluctuations in finances all along the course of recent months, although perhaps more pronounced now, with Venus also entering into this sector of your solar chart. The notions that you currently entertain regarding the material world might serve you in that you could better recognize some aspects of your conditioned grasp on financial and other material resources as the basis for a sense of security that depends on external objects rather than your own internal attitude to them. You are inclined in any case to possess a somewhat tenuous connection with the material world, so that the reorientations of this period might actually allow you to become more appreciative of material forms of security but from a more internally derived perspective, an arrangement of your own devising.

Other factors that could come to your attention, over this first half of May, are indicated by the highlighted presence of optimistic and expansive Jupiter in your self-expression sector, in forming trine with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, located in your sign. Chiron in this position has been activated all this year, and symbolizes issues with self-worth based on ancient trauma coming to light. You might be increasingly aware of how avoidant habit patterns based on early childhood wounding, perhaps through the misapplied authority of parental figures, have hampered your self-esteem and held you back from being all that you can be. With your co-ruler Jupiter more closely involved, these realizations could predominate. If so, this gives you a real opportunity now, with a positive aspect from Jupiter appearing in the mix of energies, as you continue to evolve through the ongoing growth and integration of this important monthly cycle, to squarely face the dark places within you, as the first and most important step in healing these issues.

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