Pisces Horoscope for December 2022

Pisces Horoscope for December 2022

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This is another month of finding yourself, Pisces, and of getting a better handle on what you are up to. Your focus is on your career and public statement, and on seeing this important area of life anew with the perspectives forged in recent lessons and adjustments in belief and worldview. Your heart continues to be forged in the crucible of last month’s Scorpio-Taurus eclipses. As symbolized by Mars traversing your home and family sector in retrograde or backwards momentum, there is currently an introspective element to your extended musings over your fundamentals. This has the effect during the first three weeks of December – within the Sagittarius lunation cycle – of pulling the meditations of your hidden realms into the light of conscious manifestation as expressed in the more concrete surface identity with which you meet the world around you. Especially at the Full Moon of December 7th, you are attempting an integration of public and private concerns. This investigation of your inner world also has the effect of connecting you more fully to your most basic principles and values which in turn inform your individual actions that correspond to enunciating your most characteristic and authentic self.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The Sagittarius New Moon from November 23rd kicked off a brand new cycle in your career sector lasting for the first three weeks of December. You also have a lot of momentum going for you this month thanks to Jupiter in your sign, featured in this New Moon, and maximizing your growth potential and positive prospects for centering yourself in new ways. Your attitude has a lot to do with what is currently unfolding, and it might just feel easier to just look on the bright side of life. You have a lot going on for you this month astrology-wise and you may be reaching for a new milestone, which should feel encouraging. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all located in Sagittarius, corresponding to your career and professional life which again emphasizes the activity there and the potentially beneficial factors for you. You might have more responsibilities than usual to carry out but you shouldn’t have a hard time meeting them if you can get organized.

On December 3rd, Neptune stations direct in your sign which may bring a productive influence during the first weekend of the month. Getting your things in order at home, at work, and in your life, in general, could be on your mind although you may feel pulled in too many directions at once to focus on one task. In this first week of the month, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius are also squaring Neptune while forming an opposition to Mars retrograde in Gemini, which could create tension between what you want and what is expected from you. A situation related to your home or a family member could be weighing on your mind or it may feel like there's nothing you can do about such things right now.

Mercury enters Capricorn on the 6th which should help you adopt a more practical approach in the weeks ahead, as you meditate on your future.

The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on December 7th and culminates in your domestic sector which can highlight an ongoing situation related to your home and family. You may feel restless and in need of a change or dealing with ongoing renovations. Whatever it is, the situation may culminate and you could reach a certain level of clarity at this time. If you look up in the sky on the night of the 7th, just at the time of the Full Moon, 8 PM PST or 11 PM EST, you should be able to see both the Moon and Mars right next to each other. This Full Moon is in fact joined exactly by Mars retrograde, greatly emphasizing the Mars factor of doing, or at least trying to do, something about anything that you feel uncomfortable about. Mars retrograde in Gemini conjoined with the Moon can also bring agitation, so keep that in mind and try to use the tension in productive ways during the two weeks following the Full Moon.

From the 8th through the 10th, positive news may be delivered as Venus in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in your sign, before entering the sign of Capricorn. There’s a lot of forward motion at this time and your focus might be on getting ahead in the world and with your goals.

Jupiter re-enters the Fire sign of Aries on the 20th bringing an attitude of expansion to the sector of your chart that relates to your finances and resources.

The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st which signals the Capricorn Solstice and in the Northern Hemisphere the beginning of winter. This is a significant juncture applying to the year ahead and indicates a positive outlook on future plans and a vision for goals to be in greater alignment to your values.

On December 23rd, the Capricorn New Moon arrives in the early degrees of the sign. This could also imply an important renewal to your aspirations. The New Moon forms a square with Jupiter in Aries which brings a lot of fresh momentum and forward motion, especially for things related to your dreams, where you envision yourself going. How to fund a dream may be the big question on your mind these days, but you continue to have a lot working for you and it should only be a matter of getting focused on what you want and shutting out distractions

On December 29th, Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn while in conjunction with Venus which makes this retrograde more powerful. Mercury will be moving backward until January 18th, and then takes nearly three more weeks to escape its retrograde shadow by February 7th. You might want to see this as a window of time to get organized and clear about the next leg of your journey. Take stock of what you deeply desire, make a list of what you want to ultimately accomplish in 2023, and, perhaps more importantly, try to connect to what brings you joy. Note that these internal meditations might be more ready to export to the world at large by the second month of the New Year.

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