Pisces Horoscope for November 2022

Pisces Horoscope for November 2022

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This is another consequential month for you, Pisces, with two eclipses and a Mars retrograde. The recent solar eclipse from the last full week of October, in the sign of Scorpio, indicated a fresh start on beliefs and worldview as well as potential educational initiatives. This is also an introspective time of feeling into your deepest and most sincere values. Your communicational outreach is also highlighted. You are rethinking many life factors, and trying to better understand yourself and as well your current developmental arc, attempting to close in on your most authentic self. This thoughtful reconsideration gets a tremendous boost with the lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Taurus of November 8th. This eclipse marks an extremely potent juncture, bringing Trickster Uranus in Taurus into the picture, symbolizing intuitional information that can supplant logic as a means for getting more clear on where, indeed, you are heading. In this process, your own principles, independent of early conditioning or consensus thought, will be your most reliable guide. This involves transformation in which part of you is irrevocably altered and yet much remains. The trick will be to figure out which is which.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The partial solar eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio that took place during the last week of October, on the 25th, set the stage for the current month, emphasizing the vision sector of your chart. This Scorpio eclipse may help you let go of philosophical concepts or worldviews that have become obsolete to make space for new perspectives. You might feel a need to get rid of tightly held beliefs about the world and your place within it that do not serve their purpose anymore. Mars turning retrograde in Gemini, in this configuration also, could have emphasized your desire to root down or changed your domestic scenario. Your home life, your family, and where you want to be in the world will surely be on your mind in the months ahead and you may experience impatience or frustrations for things that are not moving fast enough. Mars in Gemini could bring challenging energy and added pressure to make decisions, however, situations related to your home or your overall direction can take a few months to get clarified as Mars moves retrograde.

Spiritual or philosophical matters might be on your mind during the first week of November, and you could be wanting to find meaning by exploring new ideas and concepts that can help you frame your experience with more meaning. The need to have faith and surrender to what is unfolding as a process will be important themes right now and you may feel that you are being guided even though you do not have all the answers.

The Taurus Full Moon and lunar eclipse lands on November 8th. This is a powerful juncture, highlighting mental activities of discovery, exploration, and learning, leading you to new concepts in belief system and worldview. This eclipse also energizes the part of your chart that has to do with your immediate surroundings, your neighborhood, and more extensively how you communicate with your entourage. You might experience some impatience with your situation and it could peak around this time. Things may not be as straightforward as you would like and you might have to be patient with the things that can’t be changed right now. Balance is essential.

The current astrological weather is changeable and you may need to simply sit with the discomfort. Although there is energy for change at this time, which is shown by Uranus forming an exact conjunction with this lunar eclipse in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius forming a square to both the Sun and Moon might highlight things that are out of your immediate control.

The mood shifts somewhat by the second weekend of November and a broader sense of perspective could return. You should be able to see the silver lining in your current limitations and things could feel fluid and flexible thanks to Venus and Mercury in Scorpio forming supportive aspects to both Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. It may be easier to place your attention on the big picture throughout the third week of November as Venus in Scorpio forms a trine with Jupiter in Pisces just before entering Sagittarius on the 15th.

Mercury follows suit and enters Sagittarius a few days later on the 17th, energizing the career and vocational sector of your chart. There may be much more cohesion available at this time for your objectives and it may be easier to sort out your priorities especially as the Sun in Scorpio comes into a helpful sextile with Pluto in Capricorn on the 17th through the 19th. Things that may have felt overwhelming or scattered at the beginning of the month could start to make sense. However, a square between Mars retrograde in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces, starting mid-month and leading up to the 23rd, reflects a certain amount of anxiety or confusion still being part of the equation. The Sun enters the Fire sign of Sagittarius on the 22nd.

The Sagittarius New Moon arrives a day later on November 23rd. Both Mercury and Venus are conjoined in Sagittarius at the time of the New Moon while Jupiter stations direct in your sign. This represents for you a powerful new beginning, especially for things related to your overall direction, your career, your public persona, and what you want to get out of life. You can feel a real sense of progress permeating this time.

On the 28th and 29th, Mars in Gemini opposes Mercury in Sagittarius with both of them aspecting Saturn in Aquarius; This might be an integrative moment when clarifications are available for things that have felt complicated. You may have a better idea of what you want and where you want to be and even though your work and your home life could require adjustments, it could feel easier to know what needs to happen.

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