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Sagittarius Horoscope for January 2014

Sagittarius Horoscope for January 2014

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This is an important time for you, Sagittarius, with major progress ahead on your issues, provided that you are willing to let go of what no longer serves you. Transformation is still alive and well in your life, with an even bigger push for that in this new month and year, involving your values and the resources that you command, as well as your connections with significant partners and your very self-definition. You are seeking the best possible alignment with soul purpose. If there is something that is not quite right with the way that you do finance or depend on others, then it is very likely to come to the fore for necessary course correction. You might forever benefit, if and when you decide to take up the requests that the universe is thereby making of you.

As an overview of the entire month it is very interesting that in the New Moon of January 1st, New Year's Day, Jupiter, your ruler, is across the Zodiac from a powerful gathering of planetary entities, including transformational Pluto, located in your second sector of resources and values. All throughout this month, Jupiter is drawing closer and closer to its opposition with Pluto, becoming exact by month's end. Since Jupiter is located in your sector of intimacy and personal transformation, while revolutionary Uranus remains in square, this is therefore a very exciting time for you when the poignant vision of your manifold possibilities beckons, and when many things that you are only contemplating now are likely to alter.

Uranus itself is located in your solar sector of creative self-expression, and it is equally true that you are visualizing success for yourself in a new way at this time, independent from the normalized lock-step of consensus thinking; a way that includes a better idea of the quality of your own personality factors and how these fit with how you come across to others and also what you are attempting to create in the world. This is remarkable period for you, as has been becoming more obvious in recent months. It represents both a continuation of the end-of-year period that you have just been through and a further development, in ways that are more definite, concretized and uniquely your own.

As you go through the expansive feelings of personal success that are coming to you right now, it is vitally important that you do not neglect to refine your attitude toward your inner wounding that has also been in development over this recent period. There has been a huge recent emphasis on the planetary archetype of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, continuing into the present month and located in your home and family sector. The concomitant result is that you are aware more than ever of dark and painful places within you, the result of earlier trauma, that have perhaps been shunted aside from normal waking consciousness for many years. Like a small child, these places within you have been crying out for greater attention and recognition. Working with these hidden complexes is very valuable for you now. By forgiving yourself and attempting to let go of any associated shame, or even by simply acknowledging them, you lesson their reactivity and their ability to make havoc in your life at unexpected times.

You might recognize that, although perhaps without any specific religious context, there is a distinctly spiritual quality to what you are intending now, as you move through this difficult and yet also very rewarding month, the prelude to an amazing and transformational year ahead. Rather than the sense of the material world as all-consuming, you are seeing it as a smaller piece of a functioning whole that includes your own deep process as a reflection of the universe that surrounds you. This is an almost sacred time for you with these outer planet energies conspiring in your favor to move you closer to where, in your secret heart, you truly want to be. The timing of the significant Venus retrograde, moving through the sector that she naturally rules, that of your resources and finances, is that she only stations to direct motion at month's end. In the meantime, there is definitely a contemplative quality to everything that you say and do, as mull over what you need materially and that which you do not, and as you recognize your grounding in the infinite.

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