Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2014

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2014

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This is your month to shine, Sagittarius, in positive and life-changing ways. You are also coming alive in deeper moments that get to the heart of difficult matters and illuminate them from the inside out. Your true goals now are for this kind of inner work, which while it does not bring you the thrill of immediate pleasure, actually inclines to the long haul and the lasting lessons. Your creative output is dazzling and could at times suddenly bridge the gap between inner and outer achievement, like a monument that momentarily appears to your startled vision before it slips again into the mist. Your values are shifting, so that surface ease seems only a part of the possible pie, with the other part buried somewhere inside you and containing equal measures of pain and joy.

Your month is colored by the Pisces New Moon that took place the day before the first day of the month, on February 28th, as well as by the slowing down and reverse in direction of Mars, which is stationing retrograde on March 1st in your sector of societal involvement. Because Mars is moving slowly, and Mercury is as well, as it recovers from its own retrograde period, the implication is that you will be slightly introspective now, paying closer attention to your intentionality in terms of future plans. This also affects the ways that you find yourself in greater integrity in terms of service to others. Because the New Moon took place in your solar sector of home and family, the subject of your more interior thought process could also involve your home, or your family life, which connects to how you feel about yourself at the very core of your being.

Your ruler, Jupiter, is highlighted in this New Moon chart, being in a near perfect trine to the Sun and Moon, and located in your solar sector of intimacy and personal transformation. Your emotional capacity to be with the constant fluctuations and cycles of life is being stretched - especially as this relates to your family and home environment, which is also powerfully graced by the potentially disturbing presence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. As growth occurs, your capacity to be present with a wider range of life experience expands. The opportunity here lies in finding gratitude in your heart for not only the good feelings, but for the difficult ones as well, as potent lessons are learned in seeing your way through challenge and strife.

As your inner transformation continues, you may find your awareness is also being brought to ways of being that are concerned with the material realm or your finances. Observing this area of life and how it relates to your conduct in daily activities will also enable you to gain a better understanding of your deeper motivations in this area. You might be witnessing a change of attitude there, or possibly a major shift in source or supply.

The presence of Mars retrograde in Libra kicks this into overdrive, and your attention and actions are not limited to your immediate surroundings, but to a gaining a greater sense of your own purpose and mission, and creating a vision for the future that serves this purpose. You may benefit tremendously by looking within to discover outdated beliefs that may be holding you back, so that you may formulate new ideals that put you in further alignment with what you truly desire.

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