Sagittarius Horoscope for April 2014

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 2014

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It is a long road that has no turning, Sagittarius, and yours is coming on, through the thoughtful conundrums and complex achievements of this powerful monthly cycle. A deeper sense of yourself, and of your creative output, is emerging, at times quite suddenly. This throws your future plans and your entire relationship with the material world into radical transition. This in the end implies a sense of security that comes, not from the fluctuation of your finances, but rather from inside. Suffering is eased, and close interpersonal connection becomes more available to you as you embody higher consciousness. You are looking into everything more closely, including where you are heading, and this is one important key. Another lies in continuing to take each step as it comes, trusting the grace of the cosmos to guide you.

As the month begins, your creativity abounds, and in ever more quirky ways. You are perhaps coming to trust in the uniqueness of your present outlook as being of a fundamentally personal quality, a way that expresses who you are to the exclusion of all else, including those attitudes and bases of thought that others might more easily comprehend and society condone. The recent New Moon from March 30th was coordinated with a huge wave of optimistic and strongly intuitional process for you that might be called thought even though it essentially short-circuits the actual logical procedure that gives thinking its most basic characteristics.

This New Moon also emphasized other chart factors, highlighting areas of your life that are extremely powerful for you in April, both in the early going and more importantly in the last third of the month, during and after the Easter Sunday weekend. Due to the highlighted position of transformationally oriented Pluto, located in your second solar sector, these likely include a closer look at your finances. You are meditating on this area not from the usual standpoint of vague worry over outcomes but rather from a more detached and even philosophical viewpoint that calls into question the inner meaning of your values around financial stability and emotional security in general. The concept could be percolating through your being of security as something that you can directly affect, a state of mind, independent of the actual ledger balance or the contents of your garage. It might be a fine moment for you to consider these musings as totally valid, while at the very same time mentally going back and forth into the more usual considerations of whether the monthly income will stretch to meet your purely physical and material needs.

Because your ruler, Jupiter, is opposed to Pluto now, in your eighth sector, you also continue to remain engaged in depth researches into your state of spiritual evolution around partnership and intimacy. You continue to have many personal revelations around this subject matter, with the possibility as well of painful realizations coming to the fore as you continue to look into more deeply what is truly going on for you, beneath the surface. This is a vital current consideration and you benefit by facing squarely whatever comes up, no matter how difficult or tender that searching gaze might turn out to be for you. It might help to recognize that pain, too, is at base simply a state of mind.

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