Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2014

Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2014

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This is a magical month of May for you, Sagittarius. You have been heading down some interesting roads, and this month in many ways puts an exclamation point on these trendings, and potentially supplies clarification. You are initiating a new conception of your dharma, that set of tasks that you came into this lifetime to perform. As you enter into a newfound consideration of where you are going and the means to get you there, this involves more and more your own unique contribution that only you are able to bring to the table. Your ongoing depth explorations of your inner motivations through this entire year have brought you to this moment. There are intuitive realizations still to sort through, of a subtle and illusive kind associated with secretly mystical and perhaps dark places within you.

As the month begins, more uncharted territory unfolds before you, in the wake of the New Moon Solar Eclipse from April 28th that characterizes the current cycle. You are pointed toward departing from old patterns and freeing up new ones from their stasis. This month could represent a potent opportunity for you now to focus on a fresh start in the ways in which you navigate the details of everyday life, and especially in regard to the role you play in service to others for the greater good. The cardinal cross event of mid- to late April is still activated in this month's configuration, so that themes of deep transformation and of finding a unique approach to your creativity are still alive, and perhaps becoming more integrated in your manifest world.

Your mental clarity around such matters is sharpened now, because Mercury was positioned just a few degrees away from the New Moon in the eclipse configuration, in almost exact trine to the transformational energies of Pluto in your sector of resources and values. You could find that you have an analytical viewpoint on the changes and growth you have been experiencing over recent months in your approach to your finances or the material realm. These and other transformative shifts can perhaps eventually become further integrated into your daily life by exercising the powers of your mind to figure out what you are really and truly up to.

With Uranus emphasized in your sector of creativity and self-expression, remaining in almost exact square to Pluto, your determination to thrive in your creative endeavors and productivity continue to expand. As this aspect progresses, there is an opportunity to tap into that which is uniquely yours, and the farther off the beaten track it takes you, the juicier become the fruits of your labors. Finding your niche in this arena, particularly as it relates to your sense of community and tribe, is perhaps crucial in order to satiate the places deep within you that need to be expressed. With retrograde Mars opposite Uranus in your sector of networking and community, you may also encounter challenging dynamics in this area. As you seek to share your newfound creativity freely with those by whom you surround yourself, you could possibly be met by feelings of being misunderstood, or tension could form between your incredible inner ambition to be seen, and knowing exactly how to discover the best avenue to take in doing so. This dynamic could shift after the 19th, when Mars stations to direct motion in this sector of your solar chart.

Over the course of the early part of the month, your ruling planet, Jupiter, comes into a potent grand trine formation with limiting Saturn together with Chiron, the Wounded Healer in your home and family sector. This symbolizes difficulties or painful realizations that you could encounter in this area, or in connection with incidents from your early life, perhaps regarding formative experiences of a parental figure. Or in connecting deeply with another person you could discover places within yourself that are operating in ways that were developed early in life, in response to painful events. There is an opportunity this month to recognize these coping mechanisms not as negative, but simply as parts of your psyche that can come out into the light of your conscious mind, and then be better managed as you learn to relate to yourself in a more evolved way. The cosmos continually extends to you an invitation to connect more fully with the people that you trust, fostering a deeper sense of wholeness within you and your relationship as you share yourself authentically.

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