Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2023

Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2023

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This is another month of transformational change coming down, Sagittarius, and of profound shifts in consciousness and your developing worldview. Your creative self-expression is also something of a moving target right now, as you absorb ideas arriving by a form of intuition and deep process. You succeed to the extent that you are able – without reservation – to turn to a form of inner guidance. Communication is key, both with others, and within yourself, as you follow the bread crumb clues to the site of your own inner wisdom. The recent late Taurus New Moon from last month was a powerful juncture, and this month’s Full Moon in your sign, taking place on June 3rd, is another. Inner wounding might come up. Perceptions of health and well-being along with day-to-day habitual behaviors are an important area, along with issues of self and other, and your relationship dynamic itself. Two weeks later, when the New Moon comes along in your opposite sign, this may signal a fresh perspective on partnership in your life. You could be seeing many things with new eyes, including how what you do – and the way you proceed to do it – affects your life direction and your vital ongoing spiritual evolution.

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The evolutionary effects of the recent May 19th Taurus New Moon continue to reverberate through the first two weeks of June in your sixth sector of health, service, and daily schedule, which has been the focus for you of significant introspection since the latter part of April. The New Moon also featured a grand cross that lit up both transformational Pluto and also Jupiter, your ruler, newly entered into that same sixth sector. The transformational impact of this powerful lunation cannot be underestimated, and affects your communications and learning, along with the habitual flow of the day-to-day elements of your life. The June month continues the implementation and refinement of work and health routines that support your freedom by easing the labor of life's responsibilities and any unconscious habits that are ready to be discarded.

On June 1st, Jupiter, your ruling planet, conjoins the Lunar North Node in Taurus, helping to infuse faith back into your vision for a life that is meaningful to you. This is an extremely meaningful transiting aspect for all you Sagittarius folks indicating a vibrant month. The recent emphasis in this sector of your chart from last month revealed a simple truth that day-to-day tasks and obligations are the building blocks of life. When you are inspired here, you are highly productive. Jupiter's recent ingress into this sector boosts your physical health and cultivation of enjoyment along with finding meaning in the mundane.

The June 3rd Full Moon in your sign provides a lived perspective on plans cast two weeks back at the time of the Taurus New Moon, while embodying practical adjustments to be made there, in your service sector (or waiting on them). The Full Moon lunation lights up your relational axis, calling attention to how your schedule affects both your own physical well-being and happiness and those you share your life with. Issues of self and other are likely to emerge for further healing.

The Full Moon is toned by Mercury joining Uranus, offering relief from built-up tension in this Taurus sector of your chart and new intellectual possibilities or insights. The conjunction supports experimentation, suggesting you might subvert existing structures through unconventional approaches to life management and health, including utilizing new technologies to alleviate your workload. This Full Moon has breakthrough potential if you have been working diligently on a creative project to do with learning, writing, or sharing your voice.

June 5th sees Venus enter Leo, joining Mars there, corresponding to your sector of the higher mind education, and travel. Their combined influence infuses your intellectual, philosophical, and spiritual pursuits with an inspired enthusiasm. Your ability to make a mark on your environment welcomes learning and teaching opportunities of all kinds: perhaps you may meet an international romantic interest, plan a consciousness-raising adventure, find a spiritual mentor, or receive academic recognition. Venus' concurrent opposition to Pluto in your communication sector indicates that you have a powerful mind and communicative capacity at your disposal and that plans may undergo further changes.

On June 11th, Pluto crosses back retrograde over the threshold into Capricorn, your sector of personal wealth and resources, suggesting a renewed transformational focus on this area of your life. Mercury, leaving the sign of its resent retrograde, simultaneously ingresses into Gemini trining Pluto. While your financial realities or attitudes might remain in flux, a replay of the process of the past decade when Pluto has been residing there, Mercury's trine to Pluto suggests that creative projects, including your intellectual, communicative, or relational gifts, could be profitable resources if properly prioritized.

Venus' square to Jupiter across the realms of higher mind expansion and work routines, also active from the 10th to the 11th, indicates that your involvement in learning institutions may demand significant energy right now. Your attitude regarding your self-image or your planning or community involvement might partake of higher mind activities or adjustments in worldview. Teacher and the preacher of the zodiac, as you are, the planetary tension of this alignment suggests momentary breakthrough for an opening now in the way of finding an audience for you to share your wisdom with. Inspiration from outer world quests may infuse your daily life with greater meaning and nourish your creative tasks.

The June 17th Gemini New Moon in your sphere of relationships and business partnerships heralds the beginning of a new cycle of joint commitment. The trine in this New Moon between Mercury in your opposite sign with Venus in Leo supports reigniting a sense of playfulness with a partner by sharing perspective-expanding experiences, learning pursuits, or a simple curiosity in their evolving perspectives on life. The lunation is toned by Saturn's station retrograde in Pisces earlier on the same day and, as well, the New Moon’s being square to Neptune there. Both of these events reflect changes in your domestic sphere and the need to assess the practical realities of your dreams and visions there. If you have been searching for a soulmate, the camaraderie of close friendships could buoy your spirits in the face of any loneliness a powerful dose of Neptune might provoke. Conversely, your commitments to home and family life may suddenly feel overwhelming or subsuming. You may be able to harness Jupiter's trine to Saturn to avoid self-martyrdom by re-engaging with purpose and choice. This New Moon could be a reminder of the heroism in the ordinary: in the committed care you give to others, in hard work, or perhaps in the daily dedication of being present for family.

The Sun ingresses into Cancer on June 21st in your intimacy and shared resources sector, bringing focus to the deep bonds you share with others. Taking a conscious approach to any emerging co-creative projects requires investment in time and perhaps money. It may also be an excellent time to look over contracts, debts, and the energy exchange within your relationships, particularly now that Pluto has returned to your sector of personal finances.

The square between Mars and Uranus on June 24th to the 26th brings intuition to your planning, with sudden impulses that can change your direction, and continues the conversation between your daily grind and outer expansiveness. Beware of mistakes or accidents from moving too fast. This day is also the Moon’s first quarter so that tensions could loom. Should you dodge the explosive aspects of this combination or the urge to head off with nothing but a bindle over your shoulder, the combination of these two planets has a revelatory quality that could infuse any hard work or physical routines with tremendous energy and innovation.

Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in Cancer on June 30th could bring excitement or insight to your sector of intimacy and personal transformation. Neptune's retrograde station earlier in the day may additionally indicate shifting realities on the home front. The combined influence of both supports states of gnosis through dream work and metaphysical or occult exploration. Trines from Mercury and the Sun in Cancer to Saturn in Pisces in the days leading up to the Mercury- Sun conjunction indicate that you are resourced in your deeply merged bonds and in your process, and that changes in your home life could ultimately promote significant soul growth.

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