Scorpio Horoscope for January 2014

Scorpio Horoscope for January 2014

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This is an amazing and intense period for you, Scorpio, over the course of this month and, actually, throughout the year ahead. What is at hand is a rather significant time of profound learning curve. You are forging higher mind correlations leading to a revitalized set of values and goals. Inner work leads to outer solution plus communicative contact with siblings and peers. You are deep dreaming, both while waking and asleep, in a way that further refines and enables all your contacts. This includes partnership with important persons and connections that are strictly within your own mind and soul. Digging through the internal motivation of your relationship dynamic provides rich rewards for you right now, and could lead you almost anywhere. With the only caveat that you must open to it, an unimaginable future awaits.

As an overview of the entire month it is important to note the placement of your ruler, Mars, in your sector of dream imagination and inner work. You are focused far more than usual on interior realms within, a place that you visit often but in which you hardly ever dwell. Your dreams are unusually powerful now, and there could easily be a more meditative and internal approach to everything that you do and say. This becomes your standard fare over these next few months. Due to retrogradation, it turns out that Mars remains in Libra, representing this sector of your solar chart, for seven months, until late July. The good news is that this is also an incredibly interesting period of time when you will learn a great deal that you did not consciously know about yourself and your deeper motivations.

This latter observation is symbolized by another long-term transit for you, namely the placement of transformative Pluto in your communications sector. This month as well, Pluto is extremely highlighted due to an exact lineup with the New Moon and with Mercury at the very beginning of the month. You are pressing ahead with a rather huge learning curve at the moment, and before the ride is over it will take you to places that you never imagined. As with any human on the planet, there are areas of your life that are untouched by conscious thought process and thus remain relatively unknown, mysterious and deep. During the powerful and climactic year that lies ahead, these are the very areas that will be brought out by your process. In view of this it may be comforting to recognize that the universe only serves up to you what you are actually ready to assimilate.

One area that is almost certainly up for you over the course of an intense monthly cycle would be that of relationship with others. The ruler of your relationship sector, namely Venus, is in retrograde right now, indicating that you are retreating somewhat from actual interactions with significant partners in favor of a more meditative approach from which you intend to gather a deeper level of understanding. There are also subtle patterns of dysfunction perhaps, stemming from early childhood wounding, that you are more than ready to move beyond.

With Uranus, representing future vision, highlighted now, and involved in a key area of your solar chart, your deeper soul-level intentions are becoming more obvious to you. In this you are aided by a singular process of intuition that has been expanding over recent weeks. With many and further insights yet to unfold, you are nevertheless becoming more clear on where your road is ultimately leading.

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