Scorpio Horoscope for March 2014

Scorpio Horoscope for March 2014

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You are going all out for the poetry of the moment, Scorpio. You are in the process of redefining yourself and your self-expressive output, with an eye to your inner world, as another intensely interesting month begins to unfold. Dream work and an inner feeling of peace are conduits now to finding a more integrated sense of self. The way that you tell your story to others has become almost more important than the story itself. You are playing a leading role in the drama of your life and the manner in which you come across. Some near-madness at the very core of your being has got your earnest attention, giving you intuitional clues as to your next stage, which likely involves greater soulful communication of your most fundamental and inherently brilliant ideas.

The major theme of the month of March for you might be the retrograde, beginning on the very first day of the month, of your co-ruler Mars through your sector of dream imagination and inner work. This represents a gentle revolution from the inside of yourself on out, affecting every aspect of your life, including your take on everyday occurrences and your self-image. All of your life areas are being softened and rendered more compassionate as you continue to experience your interior world more fully, in chime with the gentle nature of the Pisces New Moon that began this current cycle. Any kind of inner work is very productive for you now, and you could also find that your dreams are more significant than usual. I is of great help to write them down and take the time to reflect on the deeper meaning that is thereby implied.

This is a month of major transition toward the even more greatly transformative later spring period still to come. You are reveling in your self-expression, especially as this relates to inner exploration and to uncovering outmoded patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you. If you do get in touch with greater awareness concerning old ruts and habitual reactions, it is not necessary to make radical changes in regard to these but simply to witness them. Seeing these patterns is relieving you, in this case.

With the vitalizing and expansive energy of Jupiter powerfully emphasized in your sector of higher mind, and aspected by revolutionary principles as conjured up by the trickster archetype of Uranus, you are going through a crash graduate course in finding more integrated ways of seeing the world around you. Ideas come to the fore spontaneously and at times quite suddenly. You also have in mind the ability to expand your mental horizons either literally, through travel, or by any other means that come to mind. This represents a nice balance and offsetting of the limitations expressed by Saturn, which is also well-aspected and located in your sign, or the identity sector of your solar chart. You may have been seeking escape from too great a concentration of reality and this month, you have found it.

Although Saturn seems to hold you back during the first half of the current month and delays favorite projects that you are itching to actualize, this might be more appearance than factuality. The lessons of Saturn are valuable, so that it pays for you to closely examine everything that happens to you now, as the steep learning curve of this month continues. You are coming into greater and further levels of understanding yourself, in the several stages of spiral turns up destiny's mountain, this month being a major contributor.

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