Taurus Horoscope for January 2014

Taurus Horoscope for January 2014

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This is an exciting and vitally important year and month for you, Taurus, as life-changing information keeps flowing through you. A catalytic effect seems to be taking place whereby what is interesting in your immediate circumstance triggers a storm of meaning. While fully applying your mind and heart to the task, it takes days to sort out. Meanwhile the pace does not let up. You are entering into the crux of what you have really been up to all along, these past few years, and that is a cosmic learning curve of massive proportions that challenges you and transforms you. It is not too much to say that the knowledge coming your way this month will change forever the way you look at and manage your life; provided that you can allow it in.

An overview for the entire month is indicated in your New Year's Day chart, which is a potent one, with the Capricorn New Moon taking place right on the first. This can be seen as the initiating energy not only for the month of January, but for the whole year, as well. A stellium of planets is clustered in Capricorn; the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto are all within 2 degrees of one another. With all of these planets in the ninth sector of your solar chart, an emphasis is placed on travels, learning, teaching, and expanding into one's higher mind self. As such, much of your energy at this time is concentrated in coming to a more expansive understanding of the world around you, as well as the world inside of you, and in exploring the boundAries that lie between the two. All these planets, particularly Pluto, help your worldly Taurean nature, so rooted in the physical and earthly realm, to bridge the gap from the unseen into the manifest world. Now is the time to build the structure and foundations upon which the dreams and visions for your ideal life may begin to unfold.

Transformational Pluto, being at the center of this cluster, speaks to the deep changes that are occurring for you in approaching things that are outside your realm of familiarity. This most likely has been occurring, at least in part, as a painful process of elimination. It seems that you must come to know what you DON'T want by means of direct experience, before you can form a distinct higher vision of what it is you actually DO want.

In opposition to Pluto in your ninth solar sector we find Jupiter, the natural ruler of the ninth, positioned in Cancer and lending a helping hand in opening up your emotional state, so that new ideas can be more easily accepted and integrated on a feeling level. In this New Year's Day chart, also, Uranus and Mars are in opposition to each other, and in square to the Pluto-Jupiter opposition, forming a grand cross. There is thus an extraordinarily powerful amplitude of strong, fiery energy, with a tendency toward rashness and impatience. You could be acting from a place of restlessness and resistance to what is painful in the present moment. You can benefit by utilizing this bold energy, instead, to focus your will and attention on positive outcomes and a vision for a potent new year.

This period of time is also made significant for you by Venus, your ruling planet, moving retrograde through Capricorn for the entire month. Venus changes to direct motion at the very end of January, just one degree away from Pluto. During this time, especially when Venus is conjunct the Sun and Mercury, from January 7th to the 17th, as she changes from the Evening to the Morning Star, there is an even stronger turning inward, away from outer relations. What is enhanced instead becomes examination of inner work and milestones of personal growth. At this time the transformational energy that has been building may come to a head, where you are faced with the choice of clinging to the comfort of your old ways, or embracing a new way of being. It might well be that stepping outside of your comfort zone will ultimately serve you greatly, allowing you to take action, in alignment with your inner vision, when the time feels right.

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