Taurus Horoscope for March 2014

Taurus Horoscope for March 2014

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This is an exciting time to be alive, Taurus, as the galloping of your wild ride prolongs itself and realizations continue to pile up. You are getting messages from underground, informing you of more and vastly different sets of ideas for your way forward than ever you dreamed. You are charged with energy for revitalizing your path ahead to your next stage, and your optimistic intentions will bear fruit, although note that the time for acting on these improves toward the mid-month Full Moon. Relationships are changing gear on you, which could mean that you feel as though being thrown a curve. With flexibility and by relying on your deep intuition, you can handle it; especially if you are willing to let go and let the universe just proceed to move you along.

Your month is symbolized by the New Moon chart of the day before it started, namely the Pisces New Moon of February 28th. In analyzing the chart of this powerful lunation, what is bubbling to the forefront of your psyche would be your vision of your goals and ideals as they relate to a greater social context and your sense of true participation and belonging. And because we find Jupiter in a very close trine with the New Moon, this implies that the creativity and spiritual undertones of these visions carry an expansive and optimistic quality, enabling you to charge ahead with your planning in a positive assessment of your future. While your communication of your ideas to others around you is also likely to be extremely vibrant and optimistic, all through, the best opportunities for action come toward the middle to the end of the month.

Uranus is positioned in your sector of dream worlds and unconscious process, and is configured now and for the remainder of the month in a near exact square with Jupiter. You might find that you are coming into greater assertiveness and independence regarding your own spiritual path, independent of the thought forms of others, creating a mainstay and supportive force that is ever present for you and comes in the form of a tremendous degree of intuition and power of positive thinking. Your awareness of your own inner world is sharpening; you could find yourself with a growing ability to bring people you enjoy together through an innovative and optimistic approach to discovering unseen parts of yourself.

Your ruler, Venus, is elevated in the New Moon chart, growing stronger over the first week of the month. This placement of Venus implies that your sense of service and the way in which you relate to others are both supporting factors of the visions that you are currently formulating, and in how you take charge in the context of outer world achievements of status and accomplishment. With Saturn in parallel and the retrograding Mars in square to Venus as the month begins, you may experience an intensified sense of loyalty and duty to others, and an activation of various emotions as you relate; be they ones of joyous sharing or of tempers flaring, they are all grist for your mill as you integrate your changes.

The saga continues this month of the death and rebirth of Pluto in square aspect to trickster and revolutionary Uranus. Pluto's transformational energies in your higher mind sector continue to catalyze metamorphosis in the realms of finding your deep understanding and your true your personal power, while Uranus in Aries feeds this activity with the fire of assertion. Pluto is also sextile at the time of the New Moon within one degree to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, placing an emphasis on examining old trauma as an access point to greater growth and self-knowing. By allowing your heart to open, and supporting your psyche with positive thought, you may find yourself more centered in yourself, and thus able to navigate the tremendous intensity of these times, finding a sense of grace in even the darkest places.

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