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Virgo Horoscope for May 2012

Virgo Horoscope for May 2012

Posted on in Virgo |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This is a fantastic time of opportunity and growth, Virgo, so long as you incorporate deliberation. You are springing forward with the season and with the developmental parabola of your life that responds to the cosmic energies that surround you. Partners supply a helpful and compassionate point of view that you might nevertheless want to verify before acting on, as described in the old Arabic maxim to trust in God but to anyway tie up your camel. You are seeking intimacy and communication and you will find it – although perhaps in unexpected places. The bottom line is that your fundamental action-orientation at this juncture must be tempered by philosophical contemplation and by renewed caution before everything that you are cooking up in your cauldron will be entirely ready for consumption.

As the month begins, you are actively exploring your universe in some fashion, in league with the Taurus New Moon from the 21st of last month and in tune with Neptune in your partnership sector. This latter symbolism is emphasized in your present sky and translates into illusion, idealism and potential confusion in the way that you relate to important others in your life. This also implies that the brass tacks reality that you sometimes favor in attempting to sort out the meanings of events and even of people is no good here; or at least it is antithetical to Neptune's purpose of allowing a broader palette with which to outline and then fill in your impressions as you form the picture of what you are actually encountering, and of what truth it has to share with you. On the plus side there are definitely feelings of compassion and harmony that come into the picture with Neptune. When partners are involved there is perhaps also a tendency to idealize to the point of putting them on a pedestal or over-idealizing – which can in turn extend into self-deception. The numinous energy of Neptune is beyond this three- or four-dimensional world, and therefore signals confusion. The way through is to embrace the paradox of not knowing, even though you sometimes feel as if you do know, and even as you all the while act as if you do. There is no difficulty once you can assume this double-sided basis since that is the way things truly are from the standpoint of the soul. As beautifully shown in the yin-yang symbolic representation, any soul-level truth contains its grain of not-truth within it, just as people do, and just as your relationships at the moment might be able to reveal to you. With the Full Moon of Saturday, May 5th, which also shares the symbolism of the balance point between self and other, you are coming to a kind of synthesis. If you find the occasion for it, this would be a great time to attempt to hold contradictory points of view simultaneously in your mind as you reach for a more complete understanding of your relationship picture. Whatever your situation, you are very attuned to the limitations that prevent whole-hearted participation in any one facet of it, finding instead that you must make the best of what the fates do manage to bestow upon you. This is of course good for character-building. With the Last Quarter Moon of Saturday, May 12th, you are coming to a place of questioning and re-examining everything that has gone before during the previous three weeks of the cycle. This is especially true this time around with the Sun in your higher mind sector is aspect to both optimistic Jupiter and to the difficult and problematic energy of Saturn. You might find that a more political stance seems to come over you, serving you better now than previously. Relationships in your life still play an important part in your deliberations. The Solar Eclipse and New Moon of Sunday, May 20th, is an extremely active configuration for you also, bringing up many of the same issues that you have been dealing with all month long for one more turn around the mountain as you spiral upward. Venus is retrograde now, and in aspect to your ruler Mercury, leading you further into a questing and meditative stance, while the eclipse itself takes place in your sector of career and professional life, implying a massive fresh start in this area. It is therefore helpful to remain light on your feet and to be prepared for anything.

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