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Virgo Horoscope for December 2013

Virgo Horoscope for December 2013

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This month you are entering into a very special time of exploring your roots, Virgo. Home, family, holidays, chilling with close friends, social groups that you favor, some or all of these are there for you to savor. As you morph and grow in self-understanding you are still finding that lightening flash of sudden illumination of dark places within you in the most unlikely of places and coming out of near tears with a smile put there by unexpected connection. You have been these past several weeks on a huge learning curve, no mistaking that. There are still further waves of fruitful exploration still to come, but you might be able to pause for a moment to glance behind you and see just how far you have truly come.

As an overview for the entire month, it is of interest that you are likely going through issues of family dynamics this holiday season. This is not necessarily because you are religious, or traditional, but in this case because your ruler, Mercury, is, early in the month, entering into your fourth solar sector of home, family and tribe. This event takes place mid-week of the first week of December, just after Monday's New Moon in this same solar sector. The focus on this area could manifest as alterations to your actual physical home, potentially of a transforming nature, or of course the symbolic home base provided by family roots that run deep, both through time and within your psyche. In Western culture, American style or otherwise, this time of year seems to be especially crafted for issues of all kinds to arrive, from long-awaited gatherings and special times of connection, to other possibilities that can exacerbate old wounds.

The current planetary configurations point to both of these potentials, including the possibility of an increase of intuition regarding where you might have in the past been wounded with grief and anger not fully expressed. This can lead to acceptance of the dark places within you, important recognition of where these old complexes get stuck and become walled away, and eventual healing. This corresponds to the fact that the planetary archetype of Chiron, the wounded Healer, is fully activated by this New Moon that very nearly begins the current monthly cycle, and is aspected as well by Pluto and by Uranus on either side.

Additionally, Uranus is stationing to direct motion in mid-December, so that all month long it occupies the same zodiacal degree, a placement that stands in your sector of intimacy and personal transformation. Uranus represents among other things the ability to tune in to cosmic information that is not available through your normal senses. There is fluctuation implied here, but also the potential for this placement within your chart to allow for greater intimacy with yourself, and in the deepest possible way, as long as you can remain open to it. By becoming more in touch with your own deeper places you are more available for intimacy with others, and in order to transform the nature of your wounds you must first of all fathom them. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is interesting as well, namely "A seer gazes intently into a crystal ball." Indeed by reaching inside yourself, in some important way you become the seer.

The station of Uranus in your solar sector described above can also represent a shake-up, affecting partnership harmony and relationship status quo; this can of course be in the end a good thing, since relationships often benefit from a shake-up. Another factor that can shift in the course of this powerful month is represented in terms of partnership by the possibility of projection. In particular, if there are powers within yourself that, rather than acknowledging them as your own, you have habitually projected onto a partner, there could be a shifting of this pattern. This is because at the time of the December 9th First Quarter Moon, a grand trine forms in emotional signs, affecting your relationship sector and making a newly positive and yet also more grounded viewpoint available, while in key configurations through to the Winter Solstice on the 21st, further developments of this same configuration arise, involving Jupiter and Saturn.

All these changes are in your eventual best interest, ultimately affecting your way of being in the world. How you manifest creativity, self-image as a fundamentally benevolent person, romance, and relationships with any children you might have, all these are affected going forward into another amazing year.

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