Virgo Horoscope for October 2014

Virgo Horoscope for October 2014

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This month is a very special one for you, Virgo, in part due to the retrograde of Mercury, your ruler, taking place for almost the entire month, and on into November when you take the retrograde shadow period into account. You are coming into your own conception of who and what you are, based on new information that keeps flooding in from mysterious sources, although perhaps only after a period of questioning that must elapse before you will fully recognize what you have. The messages could take the form of relationships with helpful others in your life. You are tuning in more and more to subtle realms that emanate from deep inside your being. When it comes to inner awareness, you are finding "the Sun behind the sun" that shines through to your more conscious gaze when you half-close your eyes to see it.

As the month begins you are still feeling the burst of dynamism from the Libra New Moon of about one week ago, near the beginning of the last week of September. This New Moon energy landed in your second solar sector of resources and values, including your financial resources. This implies that you have some extra confidence there and even perhaps a boost in your finances coming your way this month, or at the very least an increase of attention for this important area of your life. With your ruler Mercury retrograding through this sector later in October, this monthly cycle is all about reevaluating the way you look at material concerns and financial planning, and your life in general.

The actual moment of the retrograde is on Saturday, October 4th, when Mercury appears to stand still in the sky, in the third degree of Scorpio, corresponding to your communications sector. All this first week of the month you are feeling the slow-down in your ability to speak your truth, although, when you do speak, it is likely to be at a profound and serious level that takes more full account of your own inner world. Because Pluto is hovering in your self-expression sector, you have an increased capacity for plumbing the depths of your interactions with others and for the way that you express yourself to them, as has been a theme of these past few years. Your artistic expression is blossoming although not in any light-hearted fashion but rather in a way that helps you in exploring your deeper places. With Chiron, the Wounded Healer, emphasized this month as well, and residing in your partnership sector, it is very possible that these explorations will involve relationship patterns.

There are areas of your psyche corresponding to prior trauma, perhaps stemming from the mists of early childhood, that you did not at the time have the capacity to integrate. Until you consciously face these places they will function as relatively autonomous parts of yourself that have a tendency to trip you up when you least expect it. You could now be encountering such habitual reaction patterns and avoidances that affect your closest relationships. Due to the Mercury Retrograde period and the outer planet aspects currently in effect, this is an ideal time to begin to get on with the task of better understanding the dark places within you, which is a vital one for your continued growth and peace of mind.

You have an invitation from the universe to get closer to yourself and in the course of this become closer also to others in your life. This has been a months-long process of allowing your intuition to take you further along your chosen path that your soul knows already, and that your more conscious awareness is now beginning to acknowledge, as you move through the joys and difficulties of your life. You win when you pay the closest possible attention to the subtle currents of inner as well as outer realms. Thus, as you navigate the ordinary details of your life you come into greater conscious connection with all your parts.

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