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Virgo Horoscope for June 2020

Virgo Horoscope for June 2020

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This month is the first month of the rest of your life, Virgo, and one in which you are beginning to enter into a completely new phase. This will eventually amount to a very different conception of what you are up to in terms of your public presence and your planning going forward. The Gemini New Moon from the previous month has put you into a higher gear as far as career commitments, and also brought your attention to deeper changes within you, affecting your creative output and also your relationships. There has been a long chain of idealistic response to important partnerships in your life, business, personal, and prospective, or to a sense of mystical alignment with others and this monthly cycle might well bring this process to a new plateau. If inner wounding has come up for you, or if greater awareness of this part of your life continues, this, too, is grist for your mill of greater integration and overall satisfaction.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

This is your time to shine, with a focus in the first two thirds of this month that includes what you are up to in the world of outer achievements and recognition. Venus retrograde in Gemini conjoins the Sun on June 3rd, and that might clarify some of the current vocational dilemmas you also may find yourself in. It is not the lack of options, but rather too many potential avenues, that renders decision-making impossible. What you do for money versus your true career aspirations, perhaps involving a spiritual component, might be two separate matters. You are now finding yourself juggling between what you want to do, and what you think you have to do to make your nut. There are no easy solutions to this conundrum and you might have to follow both your sense of duty and also your passion, simultaneously, for a little while longer.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius taking place on June 5th is the first eclipse on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis since the Nodes of the Moon have changed signs. This penumbral lunar eclipse takes place in mid-Sagittarius, in your home sector, triggering the beginning of a process that will take you all the way to the end of 2021. This could involve themes surrounding your home life that might not become totally visible until the solar eclipse in Sagittarius in mid-December of this year.

Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn rules this particular lunar eclipse and this renders things a lot more complicated. Jupiter is a planet associated with potentiality but in the contractive sign of Capricorn it could feel like there are no options available at the moment. This is visible on a bigger scale with the state of the world and the uncertainty we are all experiencing. Everyone is having a hard time conceptualizing the future at the moment. The restrictive nature of Capricorn is not allowing Jupiter to expand very far. Fortunately for you, being reasonable is in your nature which can help you find the silver lining in your current dilemmas. Your ruling planet Mercury currently in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus at the time of the eclipse; a big dream is not dead and could come via your associations.

The Sun squares Mars and then Neptune in Pisces during the second week of June, which leads to the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces on the late evening of June 12th. A conflict with a partner doesn’t seem easily reconcilable. Something could feel outside of your control while you search for a clear solution. Having to compromise your main desires or career direction to satisfy the whims of someone might not be possible. There could be a lot of wishful thinking invested in a dead end scenario. On the other hand, the current tension could help prioritize and clarify your main objectives while letting go of what is expired.

Your ruling planet Mercury moves retrograde in the sign of Cancer from the late evening of June 17th to July 12th inviting you to rethink your way around your aspirations. This is a beneficial window of time that will help clarity your objectives greatly. The sign based sextile between Uranus in Taurus and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is your invitation to think outside of the box. Innovative ideas are your key to expansion. It’s a perfect opportunity to dare let your creativity guide you.

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 20th signalling the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. A few hours later a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon enters Cancer and meets with the Sun. This annular solar eclipse is the last one in Cancer from a series that began in July 2018. This solar eclipse is a potent one as it sits at the zero degree point marking the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. A cycle comes to a close, and a new one begins in connection with your future goals and how your place in your community allows you to realize these dreams. You have come a long way in the last two years in order to carve out your place in the world, and your connections to your social setting. The people you choose to spend time with and more extensively your community at large may have changed in accord with your own internal changes. Who you surround yourself with helps define who you are. With these realizations settling in you have some food for thought, and you can also continue to be selective about where you want to invest your energy.

Venus in Gemini stations direct on the late evening of June 24th while Mars enters the sign of Aries on June 27th. Venus moving direct in your vocational sector brings an emphasis on your career and the integration of recent realizations. Mars leaving your house of partnership may come as a relief – as the tension moves away from direct confrontation or stressful elements in your partnerships. However, Mars in Aries for the next six months will push you to address the deeper and darker parts of the issues that bind you to others.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn conjoin perfectly on June 30th, for a second time. The first conjunction, on April 4th, initiated new realization in connection with what you love and what brings you pleasure. You find yourself in the midst of redefining pleasure and creative pursuits as this the second conjunction approaches near the end of the month. With Mercury Retrograde coming into a supportive sextile with Uranus, your answer seems to lie in envisioning possibilities that take you out of your comfort zone and into some usefully foreign territories.

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