Virgo Horoscope for January 2024

Virgo Horoscope for January 2024

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This is a month of tuning in to inner realities, Virgo, and the effect that these have upon your creativity. Mercury, your ruler, has been retrograde over the past several weeks, beginning in your sector of creative self-expression, and stations to direct motion on the evening of January 1st, one of the trickiest moments in the Mercury Retrograde cycle. As Mercury straightens out over the next three weeks, it re-enters your self-expression sector on the evening of January 13th for a final time of meditating on your project style. In this mid-month time as well, partnership in your life becomes a bigger factor in finding your way forward. The Capricorn New Moon of the 11th in this same creativity sector brings up a new stage and a fresh start in your exploration of this important area. Amidst all this astrological activity, you are seeking a better match between your head and your heart, and a more complete alignment of your creative intention with your most sincere internal principles. There is an idealistic set of changes taking place within you this month that relies heavily upon your commitment to your internal moral compass. This as you effect evolutionary changes that begin and end with your own conception.

The following was written by our guest columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

As January begins, you are still focusing on the themes from the mid-December Sagittarius New Moon, relating to your sector of home and family, which initiated the thirty-day lunation cycle that is continuing to unfold over the first ten days of January. This could be bringing you different opportunities or perspectives relating to your family, your dwelling space, or your family of origin, along with how you want to be in the world. Because Uranus in Taurus is additionally highlighted in this current lunation cycle, sudden changes in worldview are also indicated. Although new intentions related to your domestic life may have been initiated a while ago, with Mercury retrograding through this same sign over these past three weeks, you may have been busy questioning these, so that only now, in the current month, will you slowly start to gain a sense of clarity and perspectives in relation to your living arrangements.

The month also begins with Jupiter in Taurus and Mercury in Sagittarius just stationing to direct motion. Self-determination and evolutionary development have been ongoing themes, with decisions perhaps becoming more concretely realizable in the coming weeks as Mercury straightens out.

On the 1st, Venus in Sagittarius forms a square with Saturn in your opposite sign of Pisces which may highlight irreconcilable tension or the efforts needed to make something work. Partnership commitments become one indicated topic of interest in this timing. Relational dynamics may feel strained in some ways although willingness to address current difficulties could also bring long-lasting results down the road and your dissatisfaction with someone or with a situation could be your cue to pay attention.

January can be a time of the year when you are more inclined to set goals around creative projects and what brings you pleasure. The Sun transiting in Capricorn forms a supportive angle with the sign of Virgo offering fluidity especially for things that relate to your personal interests and more extensively, your children. Mars additionally enters Capricorn on the 4th, which may offer extra focus and energy for planning around the things that you love in the coming weeks.

The Capricorn New Moon arrives on the 11th, and is supported by Uranus in Taurus making a grand trine with planets in your sign, and auguring the beginning of an inspiring creative cycle. There may be new learning opportunities on the horizon and it could be helpful to think outside of the box at this time. The second week of January could bring some idealism but may also offer concrete solutions or insights especially if you are able to work with what you have. Mars in Capricorn is getting support from both Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus until the second weekend of the month, thus offering actionable traction for whatever emerges or get puts in place.

Mercury, your ruling planet, re-enters Capricorn on the 13th where it was already located in December. Along with an ongoing trine from Mars in Capricorn to expansive Jupiter, this gives greater impetus to creative projects of all kinds, including your children, or romance, if these topics are applicable to the particulars of your life.

The week of January 15th could also bring tangible progress thanks to Mercury forming a sextile with Saturn in Pisces from the 17th to the 18th and a trine with Jupiter in Taurus until the 19th. These supportive aspects could help see things from a different angle allowing you to regain a greater sense of direction.

On January 20th, the Sun in Capricorn forms a conjunction with Pluto as they both enter, hand in hand, the sign of Aquarius. Here the implication is for changing certain aspects of your day-to-day environment or your health regimens, affecting your health in general.

Then on the 25th, the Leo Full Moon in culminates in your sector of unconscious process while opposing the Sun in conjunction with Pluto in Aquarius, and squaring Jupiter in Taurus, and also squaring the new Nature planet Haumea located in early Scorpio. This makes for a grand cross, implying that there is labor involved in making things work out. In many ways, this Full Moon could shine a bright light on the new and foreign landscape emerging on your event horizon. This could be a good time to take stock of what has changed in your life and upgrade your mental patterning to sync up to current times. This Full Moon squaring Jupiter and Haumea could also highlight a tension between your philosophical inclinations and the ways in which you have to adapt to your current circumstances, and could be an important turning point leading up to the coming weeks.

The last few days of January contain a series of productive signatures beginning with Uranus stationing direct on the 27th while both Mercury and Mars in Capricorn are forming a trine with the Trickster planet from the 27th to the 29th. This connection between Uranus in Taurus with Mercury and Mars in Capricorn activates your creative and philosophical sectors along with your evolving sense of your own identity. The supportive signatures could bring creative visions and passions to the forefront allowing you to see opportunities and potential more easily. Although there may be some pressure and challenges in certain of your collaborations, there are also opportunities to break free from stale formats and branch out into something entirely different.

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