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Aries Horoscope for July 2014

Aries Horoscope for July 2014

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This continues to be a season of change for you, Aries. With Mercury just recovering from its retrograde you are very much engaged in the contemplation of further transformation still to come, along the lines of the deeper implications for where your life is heading. It needs thinking over and getting used to, all the changes that have been cooking within you during the course of a dramatic spring. Communicating your ideas more directly is definitely of help right now. You benefit from journaling, or blogging, or sincere intimate conversation. As you continue to reflect on the changes being thrust upon you, it helps when you are able to conceptualize yourself as a willing participant in the cosmic dance. You are on the one hand working with others more fully and yet also establishing yourself in your own unique individual way more completely than ever before.

As the month begins, in the wake of the potent Cancer New Moon that took place in the last few days of June, home and family concerns and relationship issues predominate. This was an intense configuration, presaging an exciting and thoughtful month ahead, including as it does the highlighted presence of Uranus in the first, or identity sector, of your solar chart. This means that unexpected events are likely to become more or less ordinary occurrences over the next thirty days, with accompanying profound realizations that could ultimately change the way that you think about yourself and your outer world contribution.

The New Moon from the end of June also featured a stationing Mercury in your communications sector, implying a great deal of introspection for at least the first half of the current month; Mercury re-enters the sign of Cancer and your self-expression sector in the middle period of July. The actual station of Mercury to direct motion, taking place right on the 1st, is one of the peak moments of the retrograde period. You could experience the usual symptoms of missed connections and mechanical breakdowns, and could also find yourself in the midst of an intense mediation regarding where in the world you think you are heading, this time around. As Mercury begins to straighten out, after the beginning of the month, you are in a prime time for creative visualizations regarding how you want things to work out for you long term.

This is due to outer planet energies that are conspiring to come to your aid in dreaming up a better and more fulfilled future self. On the one hand there is the limiting and practical Saturn archetype, located in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution. The prognosis for close relationships is uncertain although one thing is crystal clear, that advances there will transpire quite slowly over the course of a thoughtful month when you will reexamine your stance on partnership and your individual arc of development also. The limitations and lessons of Saturn take time to fully mature within you and this current month is when that time is made available to you. This eventually results in a seismic shift for the way that you do intimate connection, although the changes may take place quite slowly.

The deep intuition that you have been bringing to your process is, on the other hand, very rapid at times. This is symbolized by the trickster energy of Uranus in your first sector, triggered at the time of the recent New Moon, and forming a close aspect with Saturn all month long. You are subject this month to sudden intuitional flashes and impulses but there is also some part of yourself that holds you back from acting on these urges. It is as though you are in a pressure cooker of ideas for how to live your life, with the actual experimental activity remaining weeks away, when you are finally ready to burst out with it. You might be tempted to move ahead and think better of that idea, which could happen over and over again in the course of a meditative monthly cycle, with ever more and extremely interesting series of realizations continuing to dawn upon you.

As you reflect on where familial and partnership connection is taking you, you might find that of all the ideas that you have for yourself moving forward, the ones that emerge as vital for your continued well being are those most closely in alignment with your own soul purpose. Your understanding of yourself at these deeper levels of your being moves slowly now, and it is best if it is allowed to evolve in its own timing.

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