Capricorn Horoscope for April 2023

Capricorn Horoscope for April 2023

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This is a month, Capricorn, when home and family concerns proliferate, to include issues with family of origin as well as your core psychology. An Aries stellium from the previous month took place in your domestic sector, while the April 5th Libra Full Moon, the fulfillment last month’s lunation cycle, lands in your career sector. An important focus there will likely be accompanied by surprises and surprising revelations. Your creative self-expression is simultaneously filled with what might seem like too many choices. Learning, adaptation, and worldview come to you this month, along with future planning that takes your deepest principles and values more fully into account. The Solar Eclipse and New Moon of April 19th makes for an important juncture, signifying expansion and being ready in your heart to take a stand for what you truly believe and can commit to. The retrograde station of Mercury, indicating worldview questioning and potential revisioning, comes into the picture of the last half of this month and almost all of May. This meditative period of time will be your opportunity to adjust somewhat your perceptions of the world around you and to fine-tune your creativity to match only what you fully intend.

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The very potent Aries New Moon from March 21st took place in your fourth sector of home and family, along with a host of other planets, which may have contributed to recognizing the importance of being present and available for your family and loved ones, needing to initiate a change in family dynamics or your actual dwelling space, or perhaps responding to issues of family of origin, to include being of service to an elder parent. Saturn, your ruler, highlighted in this New Moon in your communications sector, opens up a doorway for you into curiosity and mental exploration that will serve you well through the adjustments to the twists and turns of this April cycle. Also, due to that New Moon being directly influenced by Mars and Pluto, you may be dealing with loss, shift, or setback in your family that requires your attention. The lesson at this time is to be as present and available as possible for your family and loved ones, to provide a greater sense of security and safety for them. Over the course of the April month, it also helps to be mindful of not reacting recklessly towards those you love dearly.

On April 3rd, Mercury ingresses into Taurus, bringing a slower and more grounded approach to how you think and function, especially when seeking to express yourself and be recognized for your expertise. This could be an excellent time to harness the stability and strength of your resolve to allow yourself to be seen and heard on public platforms. Your natural charm is strong at this time and can help garner recognition and praise from others. The theme of harnessing your resources to improve and sustain the quality of your public image could color the entire month of April for you. And because of Mercury’s aspect to Pluto and placement in your fifth sector of self-expression, it would be a good idea to encourage mental focus on how you create and manage your valuable resources and finances, being wary not to carelessly indulge in unnecessary practices that might otherwise just feed your ego.

On the late evening of April 5th the Libra Full Moon lands in your sector of achievements, leadership, and authority, with the Sun closely conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which is also near Jupiter and in aspect to Trickster Uranus. This is a vivid combination that also draws you to the inside. Because Chiron is conjunct the Sun, this key lunation could stimulate issues of inner wounding, likely the residue of early trauma, that has become more fully ripe for healing. It may be that you are feeling especially emotional and triggered, perhaps by any family losses going on right now, or in other ways, so that confiding with anyone who can offer you sincere and empathetic solace would be very healing for you. The results of doing this can relieve pressure and allow you to further break free from any psychological and emotional blockages that may have been in place for a long time, which could in turn improve your sense of comfort and security in life.

Venus moves into Gemini late on April 10th, making a trine to Pluto in Aquarius, affecting your career and your creative proves as well as your second sector of resources. This can inspire you to develop more organization and attention to how you manage these areas and sustain your finances. When we stay attuned to and aware of how we are managing our internal resources it can paint a much clearer picture of where what we do makes sense for us, long term.

The Sun joins Jupiter in Aries in your sector of family, security, and emotional processing on the same day, encouraging you to step up to the plate of making your home and all its comforts as welcoming and safe as possible for all who live there and enter into it. You might be feeling extra caring today, wanting to provide all the nurturing you can to those you love.

As Mercury begins its early shadow period on April 7th, in Taurus, ahead of its upcoming retrograde cycle, be mindful that anything happening between now and mid- to late May is likely going to need to be revisited during the last part of May and into June after Mercury is actually retrograde (April 21-May 14) and then recovering (May 15-May 31). Because Mercury is in Taurus in your sector of self-expression, creativity, and joy right now and through the retrograde period, you may be spending a good deal of time reconsidering how you would like to be seen, heard, and appreciated, or you might be spending a good deal of time refining how sustainable your lifestyle is and how you can still include some fun into it. This placement brings a time of fruitful sustainability, so it is a good idea to make sure you are capable of achieving and maintaining this potential over the next five to seven weeks.

On the late evening of April 19th, the Solar Eclipse New Moon takes place in the final degree of Aries, corresponding to your home, family, and security sector, and it again closely aspects transformational Pluto, creating yet another fresh start, perhaps involving a renewed self-confidence and drive to earn more money to provide for your family and build a bigger nest egg. This desire to nurture and instill a greater sense of security for your loved ones that has developed over the past month is still burning within you, and because these are the last moments of the Sun in the Aries sign for this year, you may want to acted upon any opportunities right now to step up to the plate to help comfort a loved one in need of care.

The Sun and Moon both enter Taurus late in the evening of the 19th by about four hours after the eclipse. They also square Pluto as soon as they cross into Taurus. This can encourage you to be especially creative or to express whatever it is that you find beautiful in the world, perhaps yourself or something you’ve created. It is vital during these times to establish or protect a foundation of viable resources that will preserve a healthy means of experiencing joy throughout the life of yourself and your loved ones.

The Mercury Retrograde period of time that begins on April 21st is good for reflective meditation and to develop more creative inspiration that will enable a greater sense of joy and excitement in your life when Mercury stations direct in May, but it is not the best time to force decisions that may lack proper refinement or thorough attention to detail and purpose. You are likely reconsidering certain choices you made that you now know are not reflective of your true nature, along with any motivations you may have contemplated concerning how you would like to be recognized and appreciated by others. Whatever the case, a reexamination of what may be holding you back to fully express yourself can help align you with the determination and aspiration needed to be wholly yourself.

While Mercury is retrograding through your sector creative self-expression, the last ten days of this month and on into most of May, you might rethinking certain aspects of the way to you do your self-expression, and how well these match up to your most sincere values. Innovation is this important area is more than possible now, as you do the research in preparation for a more complete sense of integration after the retrograde shadow period begins to wind down late in May.

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