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A Capricorn Full Moon of Integration and Growth

A Capricorn Full Moon of Integration and Growth

Posted on in Configurations |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This Full Moon, taking place in Capricorn in the mid-day timing of June 24th on the west coast and later in the afternoon for the east coast and Europe, illuminates and brings to fruition the lessons of the recent Eclipse Season. This means that what has occurred since the Lunar Eclipse of May 26th, and the Solar Eclipse of June 10th are coming into a peak moment of awareness and integration. The cardinal earth sign of Capricorn represents at its highest the evolution of the society itself, based on the contribution of each and every one of its members, and holds within its symbolism the potential for intentional contribution that is in integrity, thus creating a lasting legacy to be passed on to future generations. This Capricorn Moon, reflecting the light of the Sun in Cancer, brings to the fore our emotionality as well as considerations of our heritage and taking wisdom from the past. The recent eclipse season was on the mutable axis of Gemini and Sagittarius, which brings up topics of thought patterns, beliefs, morals, and ideals, and was additionally colored by the spiritual and numinous archetype of Neptune. This Full Moon in Capricorn can therefore help us to integrate the transformative lessons of these fraught times that we are currently living through.

Mercury happens to have stationed direct on the 22nd, just two days before Full Moon, and we remain in the shadow period of Mercury’s retrograde until July 7th. This colors the Full Moon cycle as a time of integration and introspective summing up, as we reflect upon the changes that came with this somewhat difficult eclipse season and month of June.

This Full Moon planetary configuration has some remarkably heartfelt and transformative themes. For one example, we find positive and optimistic Jupiter, which recently stationed retrograde in the early degrees of Pisces, in a trine aspect to the Sun and sextile to the Moon. This is a very supportive and heightened placement for positive outcomes. As we feel into the emotional dimension of our experience and allow ourselves to be fully centered on whatever is in our hearts, we allow ourselves to open in receptivity to the gifts life is ready and willing to bestow upon us.

Next, consider Venus in the last degrees of Cancer, a planetary energy and a sign that is also very tender and emotionally focused, confronting powerful Pluto in Capricorn in a close opposition aspect. This suggests a metamorphosis transpiring in terms of our values and aesthetics, our relationships, and all that we cherish and hold dear. We are asked to contemplate what we have inherited in our value system and sense of self-worth from our ancestral and familial heritage. We may inquire what of our upbringing and inherited attitudes/beliefs are in alignment with our essential nature, and what no longer seems to match us as we grow and evolve? I believe there is incredible beauty and treasure to revere and honor from the ancestral lines, as well as inherited trauma and cultural conditioning to be healed and transformed, especially those elements that no longer fit with who we are becoming in the context of our rapidly evolving world.

Wherever we encounter Pluto, we are asked to be present with the intense process of letting go of the aspects of our identity and strategies that have become calcified in a way that inhibits our growth and fulfillment of purpose. In this process, we may also rise into the vibrant expression of our essential selves, as we hone in on our unique sense of Truth. This is a process that is not generally linear or comfortable but a natural flow of the eternal symbolic cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. An interesting addition to this Venus-Pluto opposition is that these two also form a T-square to the feminine warrior archetype of Eris in Aries, and this is just as another T-square to Pluto is in forming configuration from Eris opposed to the new planet, Haumea, representing Nature, Earth energy, and issues of fair treatment, at 26 + of Libra. The grand cross is therefore quite precise and suggests themes of stepping more fiercely into that which we truly stand for on a Soul level. We may ask ourselves, how can we embody our truest values in tangible and heart-centered ways?

Of course, we couldn’t analyze a Capricorn Full Moon without considering the Moon sign’s ruler, Saturn. He continues in his retrograde motion in the other sign of his traditional rulership, Aquarius, and in square with the looming presence of Uranus, the Awakener. Their square alignment was exact as recently as June 14th and still is quite close, less than a degree separating them from exactly 90 degrees. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also in the picture, making a nearly exact sextile to Saturn and a tight semi-sextile to Uranus. Saturn square Uranus is the hallmark astrological configuration of this 2021 year and signifies the rabid increase of antithetical forces that is at play in our society and within ourselves. Saturn wants to conserve, limit, be responsible, and stay in the safe zone, while Uranus wants to break free, innovate, and run wild into unknown territory. The two in square foster intense societal tensions, revolutions, and rebellion, both against and in defense of the status quo.

We may experience this as an intense urge for freedom, change, and innovation in stark contrast with the need we all have for safety, stability, and responsibility. While this intense dynamic peaks now in June, it has been and will be a constant theme all throughout this year and into the beginning of next. Chiron’s influence additionally highlights the pain we experience in regard to this process and also the manifest opportunities that we equally have to heal and bring acceptance to the disparate parts of our nature. In so doing, we arrive more fully into authenticity, conceiving ourselves as dynamic beings with needs for both security and freedom. May we gratefully acknowledge all of our parts, and may this Full Moon time serve each of us in honor of our highest good, as we continue to move individually and collectively into the fullness of our awakening spiritual evolution.

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