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The Aquarius New Moon: Finding Synergy in Disarray

The Aquarius New Moon: Finding Synergy in Disarray

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The New Moon in Aquarius is ushering in this lunar cycle with fresh eyes for old patterns, yet also an underlying buzz of electric tension.  It strikes its exact position on January 31st at 9:46pm Pacific time, at 12º of Aquarius.  This lunation is setting the tone for the whole month of February, and, taking place as it does in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, it lends our minds and hearts to seeing the big picture, and fosters innovative pathways and humanitarian causes. The planetary signatures of this New Moon chart spell out a continued intensity, with more potential for chaotic turbulence, yet, as always, further opportunities for growth, grace, and expansion into well-being.
Most notable in this New Moon configuration is the activation of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square that continues throughout this year   The Moon and Sun’s position is just a few degrees away from Saturn in Aquarius, and also makes a close square to Uranus in Taurus. The strong push and pull of Saturn-Uranus square is undeniable in the tension that continues to mount in our world. It prompts each of us to examine in our own lives and beliefs the ways in which we prioritize safety, security, and preservation of existing ways of being, and how we can reconcile that with our urges for freedom, embarking into new territory and liberating ourselves from outworn limitations. 
One way, perhaps, to be with the clashing of these two archetypes is to find a path in our own awareness for them to synergize. Something to consider in this vein is the idea that structure can actually lend itself to freedom. The set rules of a game are what allow the participants to experience play and fun. A jazz musician without the discipline of training and regular practice couldn’t improvise with such freedom and relaxation. In a more mundane example, creating a set of constants in a daily routine frees one’s mind and energy from having to make those choices over and over. Can you see this principle applied to your own experience in some way?
Venus, who stationed direct just two days prior on January 29th, therefore moving quite slowly and emphasized, is also chiming in during this New Moon, making a trine to Uranus and semi-sextile to the Sun and Moon.  Because of the recent station, Venus’ influence is more pronounced, which will likely bring all the aforementioned themes more drastically into our experience of relationships and connections of all kinds. She is in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, and this may signal a time to focus on centering ourselves in our core beliefs and values, and integrating new lessons and information into our approach as we evolve and grow. If we are moving to connect from a place that is not in alignment with our inner truth and authentic values, we may find ourselves tossed about in conflict and relational turbulence. We also might need to remind ourselves to remain cognizant of our own or others’ sense of boundaries. The close trine that Venus makes with Uranus may offer a saving grace to this situation, as within the turbulence there will also be golden opportunities and flashes of profound insight into ourselves, our partnerships, and others. And we might observe that it is through relationships that we are reflected back to ourselves for our continued growth.
Another element of hope and grace we can turn toward is Jupiter’s recent entrance into Pisces.  This gracious placement can incline us toward an expansion in our spiritual perspectives and sense of faith and trust in the divine wisdom of the cosmos, and within ourselves. During these very intense times it’s so important to find the golden threads that help anchor and weave us into the greater tapestry of Creation.  It is so important to allow ourselves to soak up joy and feel hope where we can, whether it’s simply spending time in nature, a regular meditation practice, or pouring energy into creativity or a cherished cause. As we continue through these uncertain times, may we find the connection and sense of grace that can carry us through, and fresh eyes to see the pathways of innovation into collective thriving and well being. 

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