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Libra Horoscope for October 2013

Libra Horoscope for October 2013

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This is an important time of transition for you Libra, as your birthday season continues to unfold. Your world is being made new again, but it is a very different one than you inhabited even a few short months ago. At the same time as you revel in outer pursuits, you are being guided to the inside by unseen presences that have your own best interest at heart. You have in some ways recently been through a wringer of difficult emotions, but with a fundamentally optimistic attitude that stands you in good stead. You are more fortunate in your material standing than recent appearances would indicate. Mercury is retrograding through your resources sector later in the month and you enter into a meditative exercise in deciding just what it is that you truly value.

As the month begins, you are still very much riding the currents that were stirred by the powerful Last Quarter Moon in your career sector that took place late in the final week of September. This was a time when you were urged toward a meditative and reflective mode, in keeping with the ending phase of this lunar cycle, and when also you were drawn to make a more profound exploration of your emotions than is natural for your airy nature. You feel something powerfully stirring on the inside and it is difficult to characterize with the hard and fast logical mental tools supplied by consensus thinking. You might be ready to go beyond the bounds of what you previously thought you knew into the unknown territory of the deeper psyche.

There has been for you an emphasis this past week on Neptune, and on Mars, that lasts into the first half of October. While Mars represents the physical, and the more normative male-oriented outgoing assertive principle, and rules your relationship sector, Neptune represents numinous otherworldly planes of existence beyond the purely physical, where the soul actually dwells. Since both are active now, and because Neptune is located in your sector of day-to-day work and habitual practice, as well as service to others and higher purpose, all these areas are tinged with something strange, the feeling that, in the midst of the ordinary, a sense of the mystical is upon you, or what in Zen practice is called the creative void. You are learning, perhaps, to accept the idea of paradox; that in fact the opposite of what is for you a great truth need not be eliminated, but might turn out to be yet another great truth.

As you attempt to integrate concepts of uncertainty and the potential richness of your inner world, you are even more aware of the presence of the two other outer planet energies. Prominent in this month's line-ups as well are trickster Uranus and the radically transformational energy of Pluto. This is so especially at the time of the New Moon in your sign of October 4th. Uranus is located near the descendant of your solar chart, thus in your relationship sector, and brings surprises to this area, with the secret gift of unexpected enlightenment. There could be habitual ways you have been relating to significant persons in your life that are overdue for a second look or even a total revamp. This kind of reevaluation is never easy, but your understanding of where you are situated with respect to important others might be up for a lightening bolt of awareness that brings to renewed consciousness all that you have long ago buried away with the vault of your unconscious process.

Pluto, the wrecking ball, also has his place for you now, as you take more decisive action on behalf of long-hidden soul agendas that have been emerging into the light of your more recent understanding. Pluto as well as Uranus is located on an angular placement, namely your nadir, there to generate transformation in areas of home, family and tribe, places within your psyche that are responsible for your feelings of soul-level psychological security. You are therefore in the uncomfortable position of a person who is trying to stay on their feet while having the rug pulled out from under them, or who is sawing away at unnecessary deadwood on a tree limb that is unfortunately also their support.

Since your ruler, Venus, has been traversing through your sector of values and resources, where Saturn is also located in strong aspect to Pluto, there is a multiplicity of archetypal symbolism for the shake-up that you are increasingly going through. Saturn being located in your sector of values and resources, including your financial resources, implies a period of focus, and also of limitation. As you navigate the twists and turns of your pathway forward into this end of year time frame, it is helpful to recognize that austerity is part of the plan. All you can do for the moment is to keep on keeping on, placing one foot ahead of the other in the hope that the mists will disperse and your path lie clear before you once more. With time, and with your faith in the universe to sustain you, all this and more will eventually come to pass.

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