Libra Horoscope for September 2013

Libra Horoscope for September 2013

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This is your time to shine, Libra, as your social interactions continue to speed up and expand out. And yet, lots more is going on beneath the surface than is readily apparent. You are discovering more of yourself at deep levels than you originally bargained for. And yet, self-knowledge, like rainbows or butterflies, can never be too much of a good thing. By mid-month your character-building moments mount, as the accumulation of profound life changes intensifies and gradually percolates up to consciousness. You are asked to supply a goodly amount of determination for your true goals; your difficulties could bog you down, although faith in your process is there in abundance for you and will take you far. You are on the right track when you feel the world turning beneath your feet and realize that it is your own motion that you are sensing.

As the month begins, you are still slightly reeling from the energy of the Last Quarter Moon from the middle of the previous week, when your ruler, Venus, was prominently placed and in direct opposition to trickster Uranus residing in your relationship sector, while in square with Jupiter in your career sector. You may well be the current recipient of brilliant ideas and new schemes to further your outer world presence and to take advantage of helpful partners. As well, your relationship energy fluctuates. This is a powerful time for you, and one that presages more intense transformational cosmic energy still in the cards as you head into the rest of September and the ending months of the year.

Pluto is also increasingly an important factor in your solar chart for September, and heading into the ending time of the year. Its placement in regard to the unconscious factors that are powerfully operating within you now is great, since located in your sector of home, family and tribe. It might easily be that your feeling of family that you have with close friends is in a profound process of evolution, which extends, with even greater psychological value, to your natural family or your dwelling place, which can be seen in symbolic as well as physical terms. All these areas of life could be seen as being in major transition now, and leading to a positive transmutation of your basic feelings of emotional security and belonging.

In a significant chime with the above, also emphasized this month is the twelfth sector of your solar chart, your sector of dream imagination and inner work, which also leads you toward interior exploration. You have a meditative presence for yourself at these deeper layers of your personality and do well to take advantage of this important factor. You are pulled to the inside, through dreams, waking visions, and a deep process of reflection, and have the opportunity to make more conscious whatever hidden parts of yourself that you can connect with in this way.

The Virgo New Moon near the beginning of the month also opposes Chiron, located in your sector of everyday life and work. There could be a grand awakening to deeper factors of your habitual behavior that arises through the meditations brought about through the agency of the intense inner experiences of the present monthly cycle. You might be able to better understand where you have been wounded in the past and how such early trauma has been suppressed but not forgotten, being still carried forward in an unconscious manner into your present moment. In yet another chime with unconscious process, there are strong triggers for Neptune now as well, located in this same sector.

With Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all strongly configured, you have before you a powerful as well as a challenging opportunity to exceed prior limitations and barriers to growth that you have long been carrying. The discoveries and subsequent breakthrough must come for you in your particular manner that is suited to you, which no one but yourself can discern, and on your own natural timing. You are, however, on your way.

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