Libra Horoscope for April 2022

Libra Horoscope for April 2022

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This is a month of finding your own way amidst vital partnership considerations, Libra. You who so love to relate have a glorious monthly cycle ahead where all aspects of the relationship dynamics in your life are tested and transformed. There is the intellectual and unconscious thrill of connecting along with pain as this infallible mirror potentially brings up fresh information about your inner wounding, the residue of unresolved childhood trauma, in order that these issues move closer to their healing. This inevitably involves journeys to the center of your psyche, there to uncover the clues as to where and how you might manage to surmount and thrive. You have the stamina in this April timing to move ahead with verve and idealism as you pursue your authentic life intention. Your intuition is sizzling right now, and this is an entirely significant component in what you are attempting by these means, which is nothing less than approaching a full-on integration of all your parts, top to bottom. There is more to come over the remainder of a climactic 2022 year.

The following was written by Leslie Benson and Henry Seltzer. The usual column by Elodie St-Onge Abut will return.

The month begins with a strong emphasis on your healing journey in the context of relationship with a New Moon occurring in Aries, your opposite sign, in the early morning hours of April 1st. During this New Moon, which sets the stage for the thirty-day lunar cycle ahead, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is featured prominently just one degree away from the Sun and Moon. You may notice more than usual the ways that your inner pain and wounding from formative experiences can be triggered by your closest connections, especially romantic partners. While Chiron is about the pain of the wound, it is also about healing, and you may wish, this month, to seek new avenues of healing and reconciliation in yourself and in your relational realms.

Transformation continues in your sector of home and family, where Pluto is once again highlighted in the New Moon configuration.

On the 4th and 5th, a heavy Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius crops up, shaping and urging your creative expression. This can be confronting energy, and may prompt you to do some major editing in terms of where you are putting your attention, and toward finding a way to place more structure around it, and perhaps employing more discipline in your creative endeavors. Adopting new structures may actually free you up to bring your greatest sense of wild brilliance and innovation forth.

There is all sorts of Piscean activity this month, activating your sense of well-being, health, and daily routines. First your ruling planet, Venus, swims into Pisces on the 5th, where she may provide some tenderness and renewed interest in imbuing your daily routine with beauty and pleasure. The big banner event this month takes place two days later on, with Jupiter coming into conjunction with Neptune in their home sign of Pisces. This begins on April 7th, coming into exact on the 12th, and fading out around the 16th. This puts a magnifying glass on your sense of health and well-being, especially if you wish to weave your spiritual nature into this area of your life. This can give a beautiful boost of hopefulness, self-compassion, and extra energy to pour into your sense of abundance and thriving. Because this aspect has a magnifying effect, if there’s anything about this aspect of your life that is out of balance, or you’ve been avoiding addressing, those things may arise during this time, as well.

On Saturday, April 16th, you have a Full Moon in your sign, and that will be a very important juncture for you, as it takes place in your sector of identity. This Full Moon can move mountains, and in your case, it will touch upon the transformation of your relationship to home space that has been going on for years. The tides of change will also ripple out to your sense of self vs other and how you find yourself in relationships.

Towards the end of the month, your ruling planet, Venus, pays both Jupiter and Neptune a visit, giving another emphasis on expanding your sense of health and wellbeing. This is one of the prominent aspect that’s also present in the Solar Eclipse in Taurus that’s closing the month out on the 30th. This Eclipse will bring a transformative element to your psychology and inner awareness, and you may see in greater detail how that interrelates to your physical health. You may be able to bring more discernment to which ways of being support (or undermine) your well being.

With Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus all gathered up during this time, there is ample space and spiritual energy for opening your awareness in beautiful ways. You may wish to utilize this time to seek new avenues to your utmost thriving and well being, and for that to ripple out generously into the coming months.

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