Libra Horoscope for September 2022

Libra Horoscope for September 2022

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This is an exciting month for you, Libra, although the excitement will perhaps be somewhat muted due to the consequential retrograde of Mercury taking place in your sign over the latter part, ushering in an introspective period beginning on September 9th. Throughout the month, you are riding the wave of the recent potent Virgo New Moon from the end of August that featured your ruler, Venus, in combination with significant outer planet configurations. You are fascinated now with your societal contribution and desiring to see where it might take you, as further exemplified by your friendships and group associations. There is a push-pull of innovation versus steadiness; you want to try new things but are also holding back. It is also a factor that this recent New Moon took place in your sector of dream imagination and inner work, revealing information not readily available to your conscious mind, so that many of your close decisions must be made by means of intuition. Your trust in your fundamental process of evolutionary development will thus be tested and will have its shining moment in helping you to navigate the tricky options of this extremely fertile monthly cycle.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The New Moon in Virgo at the end of August signaled the beginning of a new thirty-day lunation cycle in the part of your chart that relates to your inner life, your unconscious and the insights that come when you step out of the busy-ness of the world. This introspective influence over the next thirty days permeates most of September, presenting you with opportunities to spend more time in contemplation while listening to the insights that come through when you quiet your mind. Mars in Gemini forming a square to this lunation means that you may be craving new experiences and you might be thinking about ways to combine traveling, learning or teaching in the months ahead. This is an important month that could help you shed any heaviness that has accumulated over the past year and reconnect with your sense of purpose. You have an unusual combination now of dedication to plans and goals with a more or less conservative attitude, coupled with a wild idea or three that comes to you out of nowhere to tempt you into novel directions. New ideas could be emerging as to how you want to spend your time and you may be turning to different philosophies or spiritual traditions that can help frame your experience of the world in new and exciting ways. Writing, thinking, researching and academia might be important themes in the months ahead and you may be looking for ways to make more time for your personal projects this month.

Venus in Virgo on September 4th and this could continue to bring a more introspective or reflective influence that compels you towards your inner world. You likely feel quiet and contemplative.

With Mercury in Libra forming an opposition to Jupiter in Aries on September 17th through 19th, you may also need to run your ideas through others in order to gain perspective and your conversations with some people could be particularly stimulating.

Mercury stations retrograde on the 9th in your sign, signaling a time of more introspective study with a major subject matter being who and what you really are. You are thus in a mode of review and reassessment for the final three weeks of the month, heading into mid-October before it fully straightens out.

The Full Moon in Pisces takes place on September 10th. This timing may highlight your physical health and your desire to spend more time focusing on the needs of your body. If you’ve been more disciplined recently, your daily habits could be paying off at this time otherwise you might feel the need to prioritize your well-being. On the 15th through 17th, the Sun in Virgo opposing Neptune could make it harder to differentiate stressors as there could be a more obvious connection between what your mind is thinking and what your body is experiencing. Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini at this time from the 15th through the 17th and this aspect could bring mystical longings that feel hard to satiate. Your mind might be on a far-away landscape and the possibilities that lays ahead.

The Sun entering your Season on the 22nd is an important pivot that signals the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and a time of increasing vitality for Libra. Mercury still in retrograde motion comes into a conjunction with the Sun in Libra on the 22nd and the 23rd which is usually said to bring clarity or insights. However with Venus in Virgo also opposing Neptune at this time, through the 24th, your longings might feel hard to satiate.

The New Moon in your sign on the 25th brings fresh energy for you in the weeks ahead. Jupiter in Aries opposing the New Moon could mean that a lot of your attention is divided between the sense identity of your own identity and the rewards or potential of a partnership. Either way, Jupiter represents a blessing. This may be the beginning of a greater period of vitality with much optimism and joy that could be directed towards new experiences. This year’s challenges might finally start to feel constructive and you may be able to see the silver lining in the limitations you’ve encountered.

The end of the month closes with Mars in Gemini forming a trine with Saturn in Aquarius on the 25th through the 30th while Venus enters Libra on the 29th. You have a lot working in your favor especially if you are aware of where your motivation lies at this time. Staying honest with yourself about what you want and what you need could ensure the best possible outcomes. You may need to take some calculated risks to get what you want, but, as they say, fortune favors the bold.

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