A Strange and Enlightening Month of September

A Strange and Enlightening Month of September

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The astrology of September features Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Chiron. The powerful Saturn and Neptune archetypes are entirely antithetical to each other, and yet were each highlighted at the time of the recent Virgo New Moon — from the beginning of the last full week of August — that began the current cycle. This is because this New Moon opposed Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, which also receives various aspects from personal planets as the month unfolds, while Saturn and Mars were closely conjunct one another, at the 17+ degree mark of Scorpio. Saturn implies restrictions and limitations, and is somewhat stifling to the forward-going energy of Mars, representing action. Neptune is symbolic of otherworldly dimensions intuitively sensed; a reality that is orthogonal to our everyday affairs, and which underlies everything that we say and do.

Then we might look to Venus, Uranus and also Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at 16+ degrees of their respective signs, all forming powerful aspects to Saturn and Mars at the time of this potent New Moon. We therefore can expect themes over the course of this month represented by both the practical and grounded experience indicated by strong Saturn and as well the flights of fancy as symbolized the otherworldly energies of Uranus and Neptune. We have one foot in and one foot out of the physical plane as we head into fall and the prospect of further transformation and self-revelation.

The fact that Chiron was also aspected by all the personal planets in their line-up in the 17th or the 18th degree of their respective signs implies the underlying angst that change, and especially sudden change, brings. Plenty of partner activity is coming up, and along with that comes recognition of the wounding that prevents our fullest participation in relationship. The Full Moon that comes along on Monday, September 8th, aligns with Chiron as well, so that there is a steady stream of inner work from each of us that is called upon during the timing of these key moments in September entire monthly cycle.

This Virgo New Moon from August 25th was another in a series of powerful lunations, bringing the archetypal combinations of Saturn-Neptune, Saturn-Uranus and Uranus-Pluto into sharp focus over the course another rather intense monthly cycle. The Sun and Moon that opposed Neptune also made a forming quintile aspect to Saturn, while the other three personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, all made closely aspecting to Saturn as well. Mars being conjunct Saturn in the eighteenth degree of Scorpio; Venus, lodged at 16+ degrees of Leo, was thus closely trine Uranus, square Saturn and bi-quintile Pluto.

In another chime with these emergent outer planet energies, a yod formed from Neptune and Pluto to Jupiter, which at the New Moon timing exactly opposed the Neptune-Pluto mid-point. With Uranus and Pluto nearing their next exact square, coming up in mid-December, the changeful beat of this climactic year continues. This involvement with Jupiter and also Neptune implies that spiritual components play an important role now in integrating the transformational effects that have been underway, and in preparing for the changes yet to come as we head into the ending of the year.

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