A July Month of Going Deep and Defining Pathways Forward

A July Month of Going Deep and Defining Pathways Forward

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July begins astrologically with a powerful New Moon in Cancer that poses some interesting questions, with even some answers in the offing. This New Moon, at the 7-degree mark of Cancer, is flanked by near-exact aspects, to Venus, to Jupiter, and a square to the new planet Makemake, opposite Jupiter at 6:50 Libra. This new KBO planet symbolizes taking an activist stand in the face of issues that need addressing with regard to the environment and, as well, factors of social justice. It turns out that Pluto in this New Moon configuration is closely contra-parallel Makemake, while also being in partile square, within a few minutes of a degree, to Haumea at 27 Libra, another one of these Nature planets named for indigenous gods and goddesses that, while newly discovered and named only in this 21st century, are beginning to make themselves known to us as factors that are calling us home to our true selves.

The fact that Jupiter in Aries is closely square the New Moon that astrologically begins the month has implications for investigation, exploration, and journeying, all Jupiter keywords. Indeed, as we contemplate our deepest principles and values, indicated as important themes for this July month according to both the new Nature planets being highlighted in their connection to Pluto, and, as well, prominent Venus, we are embarking on an essential voyage to the center of our own psyches, where we will find… ourselves.

In the New Moon that defines the month there is in fact an Aries stellium consisting of Jupiter, Chiron, Eris, and Mars in conjunction with Eris. Other outer planets are also stimulated, being aspected by Eris and Mars, namely Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. All this emphasis on Eris brings up the archetype of the Feminine Warrior for soul intention, and in connection with these other outer planets, for finding our way through to significant personal evolution. Neptune in his own sign of Pisces reminds us of idealism and awareness of the other-dimensional connection between us that defies seeming separation, while Saturn in Aquarius, sextile Eris/Mars and also aspected by the New Moon, can be seen as an effort to bring into concrete manifestation whatever it is that we can find spiritually active within the depths of our psyche.

The further lunations of July are all quite interesting. On the First Quarter Moon of July 6th there is a strong connection between Sun, Moon, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, as the Sun at 14 Cancer squares Chiron while the Moon opposes him. This could bring to more conscious awareness certain aspects of inner wounding, the likely residue of undigested childhood trauma, for the purpose of healing these issues. This happens by focusing loving attention there instead of looking away. In this First Quarter Moon as well, the Eris/Mars midpoint, with Mars now in Leo, participates in a close T-square with Haumea at 27 Libra, and with Pluto still in close square. The transformational impact of this monthly cycle therefore gathers steam at this significant juncture.

The Full Moon takes place a week later, on the 13th, in the sign of Capricorn, at 21 degrees with the Sun near Mercury. The Full Moon represents a culmination, when the ideas seeded in the New Moon may come to their flowering and fruition. The Mercury/ Sun midpoint is sextile Uranus so that there could well be surprises with this timing. Widely aspected also are Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, and Neptune in Pisces bringing with this New Moon another installment of the evolutionary metamorphosis of this climactic month and year.

The Last Quarter Moon of July 20th is an intensely powerful configuration, featuring Pluto. Noted 20th century astrologer Dane Rudhyar called this lunar phase “crisis in consciousness” by which he meant that outside shock might prove to be the catalyst for further transformation. This Last Quarter features a partile or same-degree grand cross involving the Sun, Moon, Pluto, and new planet Haumea, all located at 27 degrees of Cardinal signs. The strong presence of Haumea here signifies recognizing our human connection to Nature and taking care of the earth itself, as well as coming to our own internal moral compass that tells us what is right action and right relationship, and what, on the other hand, is not. This is, all in all, quite a month for the transformational change that is the direct result of the difficult and dangerous times that we are currently living through

Acting together, the planets conspire to remind us of our truest selves, and the good fight in which we all participate to find our spiritual center, and to begin to act upon strictly that, before it is too late.

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