Pisces Horoscope for February 2024

Pisces Horoscope for February 2024

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This is another potent month for you, Pisces, with a lot going on beneath the surface layers. Your sensitive nature has always felt quite at home in the spaces between and beyond the merely physical, and so it will not likely be much of a shock to spend more time that way. The February 9th Aquarius New Moon represents an especially strong juncture. You are coming from a place of social involvement, with a focus on friendships, groups, and future planning, and these avenues of connection might seem suddenly derailed and made symbolic as you in part descend into your very depths to see what you can see. Your communication is multi-dimensional, intense, and varied. In this New Moon configuration, your ruler, Neptune, is situated at the midpoint of Mars and Eris so that these newfound investigations are contributing to your very identity as you explore. In the last weekend of the month, the Full Moon in your opposite sign of Virgo stimulates partnership, plus embracing your deeper principles and values as life path. This lunation brings you closer to the idea – as a consequence of the period of growth that this exciting month represents – of relating to others in some novel fashion.

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer. You can write her at alea.balzer@gmail.com

The influence of the Capricorn lunar cycle on your sphere of social networks and collaborations informs the first eight days of the month as this cycle comes to completion. Your focus there includes “wishes and hopes,” as well as concrete goals of future planning, long with your societal contribution, or what you are in the process of giving back to the collective that surrounds you. The presence of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, or your communication sector, are also highlighted from this time. This is perhaps indicative of a busy time of heightened connectivity and information exchange continuing into the first week of the current month.

February also introduces a new congregation of pressure across the fixed signs as the slow transit of Uranus in Taurus is met with the far longer one of Pluto, now in Aquarius, bringing a transformational component to bear in the way that you process unconscious content and do inner work. Your night-time dreams are one indication of this and it may be well to write them down upon waking, if you can.

On the 4th, Mercury starts its own conversation with Pluto as it enters Aquarius, thus re-identifying your psycho-spiritual landscape as a nexus of activity this month. The passage of Pluto through Aquarius makes for a 20-year process of evolution in this chart sector. Active until the 5th, the Mercury-Pluto conjunction aligns with heightened focus and introspection as you become the detective of inner worlds within. You may take an obsessive approach to behind-the-scenes projects, including inner explorations or study of esoteric traditions and metaphysics. Rather than approaching subconscious impulses as something to be resolved, the path to deeper self-understanding might be to offer friendliness and curiosity toward these less understood parts of yourself.

This transit occurs simultaneously with a square from Venus in Capricorn to Chiron. This activation of Chiron in Aries in your sector of resources and values could stir vulnerabilities around self-esteem, material security, or the value of your gifts. indicates this may emerge through friendships or broader social relationships. While this period could intensify your hidden struggles or sense of isolation, a sextile from the Sun in Aquarius offers inner camaraderie, empowering you to be present with your pain without having to root it out or let it define you. Chiron sits in your sphere of values and resources, reminding you that these difficult experiences are also allies that equip you with the wisdom to evolve in your character and to help others along the way as you do.

The Aquarius New Moon lands on February 9th, and is energized by a close square to Uranus in Taurus, highlighting the interdependence of your subconscious and conscious mental landscape. This lunation may illuminate a tension between the practicalities of your daily communications and the call to worlds beyond, including the impact of stress and overstimulation on your mental health. Mercury is square to Jupiter in this New Moon configuration, suggesting that while learning and staying connected to others grounds you, taking a more intentional approach to the way you engage with information and technology will also support your wellbeing. The ongoing sextile between Saturn in your sign and Jupiter also encourages deeper and longer thinking through reading, sitting with ideas, and other practices to cultivate presence.

The week of the 12th is intensified by the successive conjunctions of Mars and Venus with Pluto as they enter Aquarius. Active between the 12th and the 14th, the Mars-Pluto conjunction could heighten your instincts. Listening to your gut-level intuition could clarify any feelings of indecision. Internal conflict may however manifest in other ways, possibly amplifying destructive patterns and shadows around the pursuit of pleasure, power, or independence. Mental or physical health flare-ups have an upside in showing you that all is not well with your internal process so that you can take constructive action.

Amplifying the deconstructive part of Pluto's renewal process, Chiron's conjunction with the Lunar North Node in Aries from the 12th to the 24th may have you returning to past experiences that shaped your self-esteem and attitude to abundance or scarcity. Defining what you value the most, independent of those culturally prescribed or inherited, may help you engage with these topics more consciously.

From the 16th to the 18th, Venus' encounter with Pluto occurs in parallel with a square between Mercury and Uranus. over the These transits unite your imaginative and intuitive realms with message-bearing systems, emphasizing dreaming as an avenue for reality to bring itself forward. Automatic writing may spark creative ideas or inform communicative projects.

On the 18th, The Sun launches your solar return month as it enters Pisces announcing an increasing emphasis on your identity expression, health, and personal trajectory over the next thirty days. Mercury follows on the 22nd, offering a more outward and interactive focus.

A conjunction between Venus and Mars in Aquarius over the 20th—24th calls attention to the generative landscape of inactivity and the power of beauty to uplift the soul. Be it art, spiritual teachings, or the natural world, you participate in your development as much through joy as you do through 'the work.' This transit also points to the importance of cultivating a relationship with yourself.

The Virgo Full Moon arrives on February 24th , culminating in your sector of one-on-one partnerships. This brings a strong focus to relationship as a life factor, as well as for particular partners. The Virgo sign is also ruled by Mercury located in your sign, intensifying this juncture. Internal shifts may require you to speak up about what you want, including changes in a relationship. Mars and Venus form applying squares to Jupiter as they separate from their conjunction, reiterating that call for solitude and private pursuits amid a busy schedule—turning off notifications when you can will quiet some of the noise and support your nervous system. As Saturn embarks on its second year in your sign, boundaries that promote individual liberty and growth will strengthen shared bonds.

A triple conjunction between the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Pisces on the 28th takes the limelight in February’s last days. This may be a consequential time of alignment regarding a personal goal, where clarifying and communicating your ideas will help them take form. Having traversed your inner realm of shadows and dreams, this meeting of Mercury and the Sun with Saturn might best be described through the worlds of philosopher Henri Bergson: "To exist is to change, to change is to mature, and to mature is to go on endlessly creating oneself.”

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