Virgo Horoscope for April 2014

Virgo Horoscope for April 2014

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This is an amazing time for you, Virgo, to top off an incredible beginning to the year. This month is adventure-packed, even though much of the action seems to be taking place on the inside. Over the past few weeks and into the present, you are being shot forward into greater interpersonal and inner connectivity like the releasing of a compressed spring. Partnership is on your mind, but not to the exclusion of your own transformative development. Your intuition is sizzling right now and worth paying attention to, because it tells you truer than mere logic where your next moves might actually take you. Everything is changed and yet somehow remains the same, as new realizations flood your system and intimate connection burns more brightly, in direct proportion to your own increasing self-awareness.

As the month begins, you are very aware of the energy from the recent New Moon, which took place on the last weekend of March, and steered you toward new heights of transformation and inner exploration. You are yearning to show up more as your individual self in the context of intimate connection, a feeling that has been developing for many months and continues even more strongly into the present cycle.

Because the New Moon took place in your eighth sector of transformation and sexuality, and conjunct as well to Uranus in that same sector, your sense of vitality is definitely centered in your expression of originality and passion for your own depths, and exploring them with those you hold dearest. There could be unforeseen events that take place (or that have already been taking place) and these, while far from stabilizing, yet still have the power to enlighten you in unexpected ways. Examining and exploring the line between you, of where you end and the other begins, holds your attention like a moth to the flame, and there could be both delight and discomfort involved in such an endeavor.

Since Pluto is square to Uranus, and getting closer as the month continues to unfold toward the date of the cardinal grand cross event of April 20th and the days immediately following, there is powerful transformation in these issues of intimacy and of self-exploration. As Uranus moves to exactly square Pluto, and Jupiter comes to oppose him, Mars comes to be opposite to Uranus. These energies signal the continuation and further amplification of the metamorphosis you are experiencing. This affects your relationships, your creative expression and your sense of identity as revealed in this way, and affects as well your physicality, as symbolized by Mars. The expansion and broadening of your social circles informs and supports this transformation. You are more closely examining where your path lies into a future that you can really live with, and for. You are also, in perhaps subtle indications, finding your way into more ease with your creative output — whatever form that may take or what it looks like — while simultaneously you are discovering that sharing that process with others feeds your inner flame.

Amidst all of this, there is a draw toward and amplification of your interaction with material and financial realms, and this could feel somewhat at odds with your inclination to explore your inner depths. Finding the right course of action here may not become apparent for months, but implementing your innate sense of patience and fairness with yourself and others will be of benefit. You reach a more defined sense of your own well being this month when you allow yourself to dive deep, trusting that the rest will fall into place, as you continue to put all that you can muster into the inner work required of you right now.

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