Virgo Horoscope for May 2014

Virgo Horoscope for May 2014

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This is another intense and interesting month, Virgo. Your recent depth explorations have surprised and enlightened you, and now the beat continues, as you discover further and subtler ramifications of your internal workings, and combine these with practical ideas for incorporating new facets into your existing self-expression. You are partaking of both the concrete and the more ethereal, while utilizing your mental capacities to analyze and simultaneously to integrate the hidden and the more surface parts of your personality. You are also charging ahead with educational prospects, perhaps including travel opportunities, along the lines of the broadest possible definition of true learning. Elucidating your own truth about who you really are has never been more rewarding in terms of increased productivity and of planning ahead for a future that is in better alignment with your core values and beliefs.

As the month begins, you are caught up in the energies of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus that took place April 28th, and that set the stage for this monthly cycle. Any New Moon eclipse indicates the breaking down of an old pattern, and the beginning of something new. Because this recent New Moon eclipse took place in your ninth sector of higher learning and expanded horizons, you are being stretched to new limits in this area as the month unfolds. With the intense transformational configurations of April, there is now a continuation of these energies, as well as an integration of the events that have come to pass in regard to religious interests or your philosophy of life.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is found just a few degrees away from the New Moon, thereby amplifying these effects through the lens of your mental acumen. In addition, Mercury also makes a near perfect trine with Pluto, whose transformative forces have been at work for some time in your sector of creativity self-expression and offspring. Uranus, still in hard-hitting square with Pluto, chimes in, symbolizing timely and synchronistic intuitions concerning your passions, innovative spirit, or creative outlets, and the impact these have on the world around you. There is a sense of a fresh start in all of this, because what surfaced in April can be represented as life extending a direct invitation for you to reconsider your overarching philosophies.

Heading toward mid-month, realizations around pain you experience in the context of relationship could arise, as Chiron, the Wounded Healer, found in your sector of partnership, forms a grand trine in Water signs with Jupiter and Saturn. An important factor to consider in relating to significant others in your life is that the pain you experience in relation to another is often not only about the present, but is likely stemming from painful events that happened in the past, perhaps when you were quite young. This is because that emotional trauma, stored away in neglected areas of your psyche, is being triggered in the present situation.

With Saturn in the mix, residing in your sector of intellect and communication, it is possible that difficulty could arise when you are trying too hard to figure things out on your own, or you may feel ineffective your abilities to communicate clearly. You are also focusing more on the immense learning curve in which you have recently been involved. As you traverse this territory, the friendly and helpfully expansive energy of Jupiter, located in your sector of group affiliations, social concerns and networking, could be regarded as a signpost enticing you to reach out to your trusted network of friends and loved ones for solace, and you might find deeper connection with others around you through such increased authenticity. Sharing this process with those you hold dear also allows for a more expansive perspective — since two minds are nearly always better than one.

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