An October of Partnership Focus and Surprising Epiphany

An October of Partnership Focus and Surprising Epiphany

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The astrology of October features retrograde Mercury, with Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. All three major outer planets are highlighted in the timing of the very powerful Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse of September 12th that initiated the lunation cycle of the current month, bringing their enlightening and transformational effects to greater consciousness. This emphasis on major changes still taking place within us continues to the ending of the year. The eclipse also connects us to Saturn, as does the recent Lunar Eclipse Full Moon from the last few days of September. Saturn is also emphasized this month as a consequence of his mid-September entrance into Sagittarius, ending the era of Saturn in Scorpio, which has lasted for the previous two and a half years. We are in for a very focused and limiting time, as we encounter difficulties in making our way forward with our task list, and as the emphasis on brass tacks reality that is Saturn's trademark totally makes itself known. On the other hand, if we are serious about trying to take them in, the experiences of this month will provide us with life-long lessons.

The solar eclipse powerfully activated the trickster archetype of Uranus, by a close inconjunct aspect. Since the October 12th Libra New Moon also opposes Uranus, within one degree, we might well find that unexpected events will surprise and confound us, and deep within us feel the yearning for a new and powerful future vision, the trademark of this outer planet energy. As much as we are pulled in a conservative direction by strong Saturn, we are driven to new limits of spontaneity and daring by the highlighted presence of this visionary energy for change.

Mercury remains in retrograde through the early degrees of Libra, through October 9th, in the sign ruled by Venus, so that the relationships of our lives are subject to extra scrutiny. This focus on relationships is enhanced by Venus in close square to Saturn in the timing of the mid-month Libra New Moon. Venus is also parallel to Mars in the sign ruled by Mercury. It is quite interesting as well that as Venus squares Saturn, the New Moon almost exactly opposes Uranus, bringing both of these antithetical archetypes to bear. As we experience sudden events and epiphanies, especially in regard to our relationship patterns, simultaneously the cautiousness of Saturn keeps us from getting too far ahead of ourselves.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also highlighted this first half of October, being exactly opposed to the recent mid-September solar eclipse. This means that we will have, once again, the opportunity to confront ourselves in the hidden complexes inside us, raised to greater conscious awareness by interpersonal interaction. These are the likely result of early childhood trauma that has been walled away from our more conscious understanding. We win when we can face ourselves squarely in these dark places, without reactivity, judgment, or shame, and simply witness our behavior for what it is, the crying out of a painful child-like being living relatively unheard and unknown deep within us.

As we go through our necessary transformation, brought about in part by internal wounding, we might also reflect that the end of the year that is looming will bring back the closer connection between Uranus and Pluto, as we saw at its beginning, and the major revolutionary and evolutionary changes that their combination signifies. This entire decade is predicated on societal and individual change that is both inevitable and vitally necessary if we are to make the planet and ourselves more whole.

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