A Surprising and Enlightening Month of October

A Surprising and Enlightening Month of October

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The astrology of October features Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. This is a very Uranian time. The Virgo New Moon from the last ten days of September closely aspected Uranus with Jupiter opposed. Then, at the time of the Oct 5th Full Moon, a partile Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo also aspects Uranus, while squaring Saturn. In a Uranian finale for the month of October, the October 19th Libra New Moon is exactly opposite Uranus, to within a few minutes of a degree. What are we to make of all this Uranian emphasis? And what might we expect, beyond “expecting the unexpected.” Uranus is famous for representing deep intuition, a way of knowing that emanates directly from the unconscious, without words even, that can tell you true when all your other sources of information seem confused. One lesson of this time is therefore to trust your gut – and to stay as open as you can to what comes to you from inner realms deep beneath the surface layers of your personality.

Uranus also implies unexpected curve balls and synchronicities that may have the beneficial effect of confirming your inner sense that you live in what is truly a very magical world, everything happening for a reason, or operating on multiple levels. They say that if you can mine the events of your life for symbolic information, just as you would a meaningful novel or movie, that you will not be disappointed in the result. Our task, then, is that while dealing with the outer world of schedules and business agendas we take the time and make the effort to appreciate the wonder of our lives and the opportunities for enhancing our understanding of what is really going on, around us and through us.

In the fist major lunation of the month, the October 5th Aries Full Moon, with Venus and Mars brought together in a partile conjunction, we find that there are different consequences for each Sun Sign, depending on where the conjunction lands in each solar chart. The houses ruled by Venus, and by Mars, will also be affected. There is a strong push for a wide-spread transformation of the activities surrounding these and other sectors of each natal chart. The Sun and Moon at this powerful Libra Full Moon make a T-square to Pluto, and also closely aspect Neptune by partile inconjunct (quincunx) and semi-sextile. All three standard outer planets are therefore emphasized, enhancing the major transformational changes of this decade, on both collective and individual fronts. The time has come to take necessary action, and that means letting go of certain cherished habits that no longer serve you, or the planet. This also implies taking a stand that you know deep within you that you fully support, from the perspective your own unique inner values.

And this is the message of the new planet, Eris, beyond Pluto, representing a spiritual warrior stance in support of soul intention. Eris in the sky remains close to a greatly emphasized Uranus, and is trined by Saturn in Sagittarius, as well as being aspected by Venus, Mars, and Jupiter at the timing of the October 5th Full Moon. We have seen many evidences of strong feminine leadership lately, including the courageous and compassionate stand of Republican senators Susan Collins and John McCain against the tidal wave of party-line pressure to vote in a disastrous health care bill, and of course the recent success of the Wonder Woman movie, whose super hero central character works with the power of love. Each individual including yourself is being called, now, to contribute what you can, when you can, if necessary flying in the face of consensus thought or fashionable opinion, in total alignment with your own unique core values.

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